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Bartonella in a Mother and Son Suspected by Top Expert Specialists

In a very recent study additional reminders of problems with Bartonella, I have published in misc. places, were confirmed by super researchers like Edward B Breitschwerdt who has merely 300 medical and science papers.

Sample teachings, summary information and findings include:

Bartonella henselae is more recently associated with persistent presence in blood, in direct contrast to simple articles saying it "rarely appears in those who are immunocompetent. It also can cause fever of unknown origin, arthritic and neurological disorders, and bacillary angiomatosis, and peliosis hepatis ...

Bartonella species infection with with extensive arthropod or animal exposure were identified in a mother and son showing fatigue, headaches, memory loss, disorientation, peripheral neuropathic pain, striae (son only), and loss of coordination.

Historically, persistent B. henselae bacteremia was not thought to occur in immunocompetent humans. This information supports ... persistent B. henselae bacteremia in immunocompetent persons. from Europe. Cat or flea contact was considered an unlikely source of transmission and the mother.

A B. henselae organism was visualized in a striae lesion. Despite the reality some doctors feel striae are of importance.

Ricardo G Maggi, Marna Ericson, Patricia E Mascarelli,Julie M Bradley and Edward B Breitschwerdt. Parasites & Vectors, 2013, 6:101

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