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Few Bartonella Specialists or Experts Exist to Diagnosis and Treat: A True Expert Uses Advanced Indirect Testing

Dr. Breitschwerdt is one of the true experts on Bartonella and is the Director of Galaxy Labs. After being blown off by some poorly read colleagues, this author of over 300 papers has set up a useful testing lab and added many things to world knowledge of Bartonella. In my opinion, his lab—Galaxy Labs—is better than Quest or LabCorp at detecting Bartonella. No lab is perfect but it is useful. For example, some feel a negative result from IGENEX for Babesia or Bartonella means you have none. This is WRONG.

The thinking behind most tick infection medicine is the practical belief that machines could be good doctors—robot doctors. I do not think we want that. But when the machines, lab machines tell us a diagnosis, HAL the computer is now the physician.Doctors are merely receipt checkers, who get results that have 3, 6 or 9 possible reasons, yet the summary guideline is able to pick the diagnosis and offer the recipe.

Good diagnostic work includes the use of indirect testing. This was not my discovery, but reading immense numbers of articles does tend to educate. Articles you or your doctor can read when they do not see 30-80 people per day, or use other types of staff who really provide most of your care such as NP's, PA's or other physician extenders.

In these articles on indirect testing one sees that many human body chemicals are altered in the presence of Bartonella, Babesia or both. I have yet to see one healer use this information accurately. I see that one or two of these indirect lab tests mentioned in articles seven years ago are starting to appear in books and talks. They are presented as new. They are also presented in a chaotic manner since the presenters are not used to using the biochemical tests they mention. Many biochemicals are listed, but the writers seem not to appreciate that tests for these are not available in the largest labs with the most options. For all practical purposes, it is impossible that they order them since past patients under my care say they were never tested.

If you would like a sample of the indirect labs for diagnosing these things please see two books of my twelve books on tick and flea-borne infections.

My sincere wish for many happy future years,

Dr. J

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