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A Trick to Defeat Antibiotics
Biofilm in "Stopped Bacteria"
Biofilms from "Bacteria in Storage"

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One of the amazing ways that bacteria beat antibiotics is by entering a freeze state. Bacteria do not grow in your kitchen freezer. They can also defeat attacking cells or chemicals by stopping metabolism or eating. If you are sleeping, you do not eat, so you do not take up antibiotics. If you are still in the night darkness you are more easily missed.

This is what some bacteria do. So initial things that might get them killed, fail, because they are frozen in function--no bacterial killer chemicals are taken up and no activity hides from immune system significantly.

Why does this matter?

Simple, after they escape initially, they later make communities that protect themselves with biofilms or complex film walls to shut out antibiotics and immune system attacks. This is therefore a very double danger.

  1. We need many ways to kill bacteria which are practically frozen or entering the body in inactive forms.
  2. We need as many biofilm solutions as possible that are not, not, not merely another antibiotic. Since it appears routine synthetic antibiotics develop resistance over time.

This is why I am working on offering the best biofilm answers in this pending book.These are options with research and careful study.

Be well,

Dr. J

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