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James Schaller, MD Appeals to All Florida Physicians:
"Please Be Open to Chronic Lyme"

Is it Really Removed from All Ill People on Earth in a Magical Number of Days?

Currently the number of Florida physicians knowledgeable about Babesia and Bartonella is a fraction of those with a very strong opinion on tick infections. Why? The number of species and strains documented in genetic databases is on the rise. There is no test for some of the strains, or the test is so insensitive as to be useless. However the indirect tests offered by all large lab companies are very useful. But most Lyme and tick infection experts have not studied them and do not use them. Further, Dr. K. Clark showed the sensitivity of the CDC and IDSA two test approach of ELISA followed by WESTERN BLOT is a disaster, with 90% of clearly positive patients missed.

Dr. Berndtson [1] published a review paper this year simply expressing that Lyme knows how to hide, evade the human immune system and persist past a few weeks of treatment with antibiotics. If doctors see biofilm infections laughing at antibiotics--and that is no laughing matter--and Lyme has a biofilm per Dr. Eva Sapi's superior laboratory, why believe in 100% success in killing Lyme in a matter of a few weeks? Why ignore that Bartonella is more common than Lyme, which is really the co-infection. Why ignore the reality that Babesia is more likely to kill you that is Lyme per Dr. Krause, a Babesia researcher associated with the conservative infectious disease society IDSA?

In conclusion, Dr. Berndtson says to us: This review describes known and suspected mechanisms by which spirochetes of the Borrelia genus evade host immune defenses and survive antibiotic challenge. Accumulating evidence indicates that Lyme disease spirochetes are adapted to persist in immune competent hosts, and that they are able to remain infective despite aggressive antibiotic challenge.

  1. International Journal of General Medicine. 2013 23;291-306. Review of evidence for immune evasion and persistent infection in Lyme disease.

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