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Advanced Morgellons Treatment and Effectiveness


After finding roughly twenty plus things that alone do not cause Morgellons, but when at least six are combined, Morgellons is one of many presentations, I decided to do a text book. But since we are doing so many more other books, this will not be done soon, I thought I might share some ideas now.

As a full time researcher I read more than when I as in medical school. So in a week I read what Boards require in a year. In applying this to Morgellons patients in past years, it has allowed me to be very broad in understanding causes and offering treatments that are effective. I have not always been right or as fast in helping people, but each year we are much better at helping these wonderful people.

Should I Expect the Loss of Lesions and a Cure?

I would suggest the answer is: yes, yes and more yes.

So if some is treating you and you are only able to afford or coordinate fair monitoring or a cause is missed, you can slip back a bit briefly. All lesions should generally move in healing direction.

Further, the idea Morgellons is only a lesion disease is an immense error. Skin and hair issues are only two of many signs and symptoms. An obvious and scary one, but not the entirely or only focus in Morgellons.

  • Unfortunately, if a person does not fit into the basics of a diagnosis from largely Big Pharm company lead education, who have given me grants, than you are treated as a nut and degraded.
  • Agitation is a common part of this medical syndrome, but physicians are only taught that agitation is mania, psychosis or a severe anxiety disorder. They are not taught that hundreds of medical troubles cause agitation. The immense medical causes of "secondary" agitation due to a medical condition are never taught to physicians, or at best merely a small number. And frankly, many professionals in and outside of medicine cannot handle passion and intense feelings—it overwhelms them. I recall a lawyer in Tampa, a Stephen Higgins, who was sent a few emails that were long, and due to his immaturity actually yelled at a very skilled engineer client, and did not realize it was because he was unclear running his legal cattle mill. Most people, including some professional doctors and lawyers do not have the ability to handle intense emotions. This group want low intensity people, who have no high fears or unsettled moods, because they can only handle 30 word medical histories and only 15 word emails.
  • Morgellons, like all of tick infection medicine, is too often merely "Lyme disease" which is too simplistic. The ticks that carry Lyme have massive and diverse infections. While it is exceptional to read studies of animals with the same lesions and spirochetes found in the animal tissue which looks like the Morgellons' lesions and fibers found in humans, it is an error in 2013, to talk of "Lyme disease" as if it were alone. I have read forty hours a week on these topics with roughly 12 books related to tick, flea and animal infections, and a single cause is too child-like. It would be like saying the USA is only New York or the "town" of Delaware State. Please remember my suggestion that at least twenty things contribute to a Morgellons illness. And focusing on one thing as the cause of Morgellons is not wise. Some feel their entire trouble is due to a parasite infection as the only cause. But why do so many people from all over the world have clear parasites, and do not have this presentation? I am not saying it is not possible. It is too simple.
  • So I would suggest again patients with Morgellons always have at least six causes. It is not a condition that is merely parasites, Lyme, indoor mold poison contact, agitation or bug bites. Inflammation can attract insects, but they usually come after the Morgellons is established.
  • While I feel the presentation of skin lesions and possible debris from these lesions is an easy to monitor central part of Morgellons, I feel it is only one routine part. While many active infections are part of this illness, I feel limiting this syndrome to merely one infection or to the skin components limits healing. Skin and hair issues can be the norm in Morgellons, but it is not the only part.
  • Those who mock Morgellons' patients are too ignorant to order the correct labs from respected top national laboratories that show illness. The most routine labs most physicians use to determine health have not changed in thirty years and are typically organ failure and very select severe disease tests. I have always found abnormal labs in these suffering and who feel almost dead. And please understand, they are not merely positive at controversial labs, they have positive results from the larger labs in North America.
  • The treatment must always be decreasing lesions or it is not the correct treatment.
  • Treatment should include care of wounds, treatments that are not limited to the wounds such as oral or transdermal medications, and also comfort care.
  • Any treatment that increases misery more than 0-3 on 0-10 pain scale is possibly battering you. One size-fits-all is not done with clothing or shoes—the best treatment for a given for a Morgellons sufferer is a million times more complex. In surgery, a routine approach may make for better outcomes; due to practice, but much in cognitive non-surgical medicine must be tailored.
  • An expert in Morgellons should be an expert in brain and skin inflammation, indoor mold which has over 35,000 academic papers, Bartonella, spirochetes, hormones, brain abilities and mood, dermatology care, transdermal medicine, nutrient level interpretation, wound care, biofilm treatment, anti-inflammation systems and so many more. I have tried to publish on all of these areas, and one can never stop learning.

Should You Have Hope for the Future?

Yes. Many physicians do not insult you and find clear sources of illness. You may be restless and make them restless. Or you may be mad if they do not discuss parasites of the unique qualities of your lesions, but as long as they take you seriously and know areas I mentioned above, they could be of some use.

I hope you do not give up your dreams.


"Dr. J."

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