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A Simple Definition of Biofilms
James Schaller, M.D.

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One of the most revolutionary ideas in human life and infections is an idea that many smart patients and some healers find Chinese. So let us take a moment to define this medical word that impacts everyone.

Simply, films collect on the surface of bacteria and molds in the human body and most other surfaces exposed to bacteria. These films can make an antibiotic or anti-fungal--worthless.

The current two most common approaches are both poor and poorly informed:

  1. The use of another synthetic antibiotic that already has limits in beating the infection biofilm. This approach increases disability, illness and death for all ages.
  2. Alternative or functional medicine uses enzymes alone or in complex formulas, such as serrapeptidase, nattokinase or lumbrokinase and reports they defeat the Lyme disease biofilm. The research based on this is roughly belief assumes that the Lyme biofilm is so simple a mean single enzyme can kill it. Indeed, in a brief discussion with Dr. Eva Sapi she found what we found clinically with our in vivo patient research labs--they do not undermine Lyme's biofilm.

It is true 1/20 might "feel something" and at least the first two seem to have evidence to lower clotting. but that is not the point. This is not evidence of biofilm removal.

Others say just take "lactoferrin or xylitol mixed" which has eight pages of the facts of these two alone and in combination that is not guessing. And this is the research and not guesswork.

People are encouraged to contact me if they feel I am in error here at 239.263.0133, so we can keep our number one best-selling book on Combating Biofilms current.

What is a Biofilm?

The simple, scientific biofilm definition: any group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other on a surface. They are typically inside a layer they create called “slime.”

combating biofilms

Compare a biofilm to a fried egg. The yellow yolk in the center of the fried egg is the bacterial or fungal infection.

The larger white part that surrounds the yolk can be called the “biofilm.” It protects the inner infection, or yolk, from both antibiotics and the human immune system.

The outer edge of the egg shows some very small fried edges. They are easy to miss due to the size of the egg. We are going to pretend they are antibiotics, or infection-killing chemicals. They are useless due to the fact that they never get past the outer white edge of the egg. The egg white is like a wall to them.

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