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A Family Transformed: Thanks for James Schaller, MD, MAR

I sit and enjoy watching my children laugh, talk and study together. I appreciate every second.

This is a beautiful gift that once was lost. The sounds of their laughter and joy were once taken, until we were lead to Dr. James Schaller.

"Dr. J" is brilliant, compassionate and understanding. I thank God he has been gifted with his talents and the ability to set up his practice in a unique way. He is able to keep up on the latest research and in turn is able to provide his patients the best care. He truly cares and desires for his patients to be as comfortable as possible always looking for solutions. Many times I may make a comment not expecting a solution but he doesn't let anything pass him by and comes up with an answer.

He is the ONLY Doctor that I have had tell me how things really are in clear and honest terms, and to admit what knows and does not know. I love that the office quickly provides lab results in black and white with factual information.

Dr. J" looks deeply into anything told or reported to him, like a lab result, as has the ability to see possibilities others miss. I don't know how many times physician have told me that my "tests were within normal limits" only to find out they are not when I do a little homework on credible medical sites and/or receive the actual lab copies.

The office staff is amazing, compassionate & courteous. You can feel the love they have for what they do. They try to treat you like a friend or a family member and not just another "patient" in a crowded room.

The medical community and patients that find they are not getting better are both very fortunate Dr. Schaller has dedicated so much of his life to educating others with his journal writings and books he has published at a clear loss, while he could set up a full time practice that would make a superior income. He spends hours of free time with people everyday who call from all over the world. He does this because he cares. I believe he couldn't live with himself, if he is not sharing his knowledge to help save and heal. He is extremely passionate about what he does. He is extremely passionate about spreading his knowledge, in order for people to receive proper care and to provide physicians with knowledge and information they can use to help heal their patients.

My daughter saw several doctors for her condition before we found Dr. Schaller.

At a young age she knows that all doctors are not equal. He holds a special place in her heart and will say, "Uncle J is awesome, awesome, awesome x a trillion!" He gave her a life back that was once stolen.

We all trust Dr. Schaller with our lives.

To have this when one has suffered and gone so long without answers is an amazing relief. My worries have been lifted because I know we are in good hands. I knew it from the beginning and he has more than proved that he can heal.

I am one of a number of people who has encouraged "Dr. J" to promote at least some samples of the free things he does, and to promote his philanthropy. He is old school and prefers to do kindnesses in secret. All I can say is few of our many fine American physicians sacrifice to help so many, and read and read into long hours in the morning, to find just a single pearl to help just one person.

I know what he would do if a patent sold or a mass market book sold. He would work for free, fly patients in at his expense, and give to the charities of the desolate he is already working to help.

Compassion, an intense drive for new solutions for the hopeless, warmth, immensely broad thinking, personal care and real sacrifice--these are hard to find these days. Right? Well you just found them in this unique "Top Doctor of America."

Angie M. (California)

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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