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Violence and Syphilis & Lyme Disease

Spirochetes are the cause of syphilis and also of Lyme disease. They are related bacteria. Unfortunately, the routine lab testing for Lyme is a problem. When blinded positive samples are sent to over forty labs, the Lyme is routinely missed. Why does this matter?

It matters because everyone agrees that Lyme is the number on vector illness in the USA. And it is a problem in many other countries as well. A vector illness is carried on another organism, like a poppy-seed sized deer tick or a dog tick.

It also matters because Lyme is in the brain in ten days. It makes toxins that I have proven exist (in articles on this site under Lyme). Lyme toxins cause major problems for the body and the brain. These toxins also can cause genetic changes that increase inflammation in the brain, causing serious character, personality, and mood changes. If you look at the lists of body and psychological and neurological symptoms, many aggressive war oriented leaders have signs of spirochete disease.

So Why Care About Lyme & Aggression?

One of my relatives, Justin Schaller, was killed in WWII, fighting to liberate Europe. The following certainly relates to this "greatest generation." It is largely from the research of a respected Lyme Psychiatrist.

A man was born in Austria in 1889. Reportedly, he had a large number of vague symptoms. These included: belly spasms, belching, bloating, constipation, buzzing and ringing in his ears, heart problems, hypertension, urinary difficulties, frequent bladder infections, headaches, two episodes of "blindness," eye pain, hazy vision, Parkinson's symptoms, extreme paranoia, frequent hand washing, sexual inhibition, explosive rage, hypochondriasis, narcissism, depression, and anxiety. He clearly was homicidal. He committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin, Germany in 1945. Some believe he had syphilis...

After reading his list of symptoms, it is certainly reasonable to ask whether some other spirochete disease may have been present? He certainly had something very serious, complex and medical, which had the ability to attack many organ systems and different parts of the brain.

For full details see: www.mentalhealthandillness.com/Articles/ATaleOfTwoSpirochetes.htm

In Ron Rosenbaum's article, "EXPLAINING HITLER," in The New Yorker (1 May 1995), he lists all the proposed theories.

What was the genesis of Hitler's evil?

Many theories ranging from:

  • syphilis
  • syphilis caused by Jewish prostitute
  • testicle and/or part of penis bitten off by a goat
  • overindulgent mother
  • abused child with low self-esteem
  • abusive father whose family secret was he had been sired by a Jew
  • mother died in 1907 from cancer unsuccessfully treated by Jewish doctor
  • born with one testicle

List is from author above and lecture at: www.msu.edu/course/iss/325/stein/325lecture-aggress.htm.

In other words, the "cause" was bad parenting, "bad" Jewish experiences, mental illness and physical illness. I would modify all of these with the appeal that a spirochete illness is both a physical and mental illness, and indeed causes every mental illness and often with extreme regressed dimensions.

Spirochete disease takes earlier life insults, such as poor connection with parents or anger over losses, and magnifies them twenty-fold. In other words, many folks with Lyme or neurological Syphilis talk in very regressed ways about earlier traumas and cannot metabolize them and advance forward -- it was like they happened five minutes ago and is still very severe.

Some seem to try to force Hitler's possible syphilis away by the false position that it is easy to separate Parkinson's disease from spirochete disease. They can look utterly identical. Period. Spirochete patients can have an absolutely textbook Parkinson's presentation. Perfect! The elementary fact is that spirochetes can cause disastrous results in any part of the brain and then affect another part a year later. They can present as absolutely every neurology and psychiatric disorder.

Hitler developed a tremor, which affected only his left side, and then in his left-leg. His left-arm was kept hanging down trembling heavily, or was pressed against his body, and he dragged his left-leg...His speech was low-pitched and hardly intelligible. His facial expression became rigid and mask like and saliva occasionally escaped from the corner of his mouth. In his final years Adolf Hitler evidently was suffering from Parkinson disease."

Hitler's decreased movement of his left-arm is clear Riefenstahl's 1934 film, Triumph of the Will. Some say Hitler might have had an "Idiopathic" form of Parkinson's, which means we are clueless on cause. I published the first paper on a functional cure for an idiopathic fatal cancer. It later ended up being Lyme spirochetes! Saying that Syphilis rarely causes a Parkinson's presentation is confused. Spirochetes present 400 ways. In today's world, some Parkinson's symptoms are likely those "idiopathic" cases in which Lyme is supposedly "ruled out" by junk routine labs.

I have seen every behavior described above in Hitler's medical, neurology and psychology problems, present in modern Lyme spirochete disease patients.

Lenin's Personality Change
and Syphilis Spirochete Illness

In a highly quoted neurology research article, Dr. Lerner and his colleagues at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, report Lenin died an agonizing death from syphilis.

In his later years, his strokes and dementia were from spirochetes, not simple vascular disease as some have suggested. Lenin's mental health from spirochete disease obviously affected the lives of millions as the father and leader of the Soviet Union. His absence paved the way for Stalin."

Documents released after the fall of the U.S.S.R, along with memoirs of Lenin's physicians, suggest that Lenin was treated for syphilis as early as 1895.

Syphilis was rampant and incurable in Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries. And until the mid-20th century, syphilis infected between 8% and 14% of the population living in urban areas.

The treating doctors, including an exclusively syphilis expert, prescribed Salvarsan, a very sickening arsenic medication only used to kill syphilis. He was also treated with potassium iodine, which was used to treat spirochete disease.

Lenin's personality clearly changed years before more obvious illness. Early on, he found loud noise unbearable, a symptom I have heard many Lyme (or toxic mold) people report. He also became quick-tempered, irritable and sometimes lost self-control (a norm in spirochete infection).

Lerner V, Finkelstein Y, Witztum E. The enigma of Lenin's (1870-1924) malady. Eur J Neurol. 2004;11:371-6.



Tramont EC. The impact of syphilis on humankind. Infect Dis Clin North Am. 2004. 18:101-10.

Crime, Aggression and Spirochetes

In another example, we see violence that was not associated with war. In the case of Al, we see clear spirochete disease associated with crime and violence.

Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1899. Capone started his life of crime at a young age. Some say he worked with prostitutes before reaching puberty, and later earned extra money as a bouncer in various brothels. It is unknown if he had sexual relations with these prostitutes, who would have a very high incidence of spirochete syphilis disease. By 1924, Capone had his hand in various rackets, including prostitution rings, bootlegging, and gambling houses and was believed to be earning over $100,000 per week, and developed a notorious reputation in organized crime during Prohibition. He was in Florida on 2/14/29 when seven members of his hated rival gang were killed in what became known as "The St. Valentine Day Massacre." He obviously was homicidal. He was imprisoned for tax evasion and prohibition violations.

While working in the prison basement, an inmate stabbed Capone during an argument. Capone was admitted into the prison hospital and released a few days later with a minor wound. Capone eventually became symptomatic from syphilis, a disease he had evidently been carrying for years.

He was diagnosed as having the "late stage" syphilis. Only a year after the diagnosis, two different physicians concluded, in 1946, that he had the mentality of a 12-year-old child. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1947, in his Palm Beach Mansion, which was reported as from "complications of syphilis."

For full details see:

Modern Spirochete Disease in Strong Treatment-
Resistant Lyme: Aggressive Youth, Hostile
Marriages, Assaults and Raging

I am increasingly convinced that the acting out in youth and adults in many cases is due to Lyme (or other biotoxin makers, like mold). Some common examples I know of include:

  • Youth that progressively become more aggressive and usually get the new fad "bipolar" diagnosis. It was routinely ignored before 1995, and now every aggressive kid has it. Bipolar illness is a real entity, but twenty things look just like it.
  • Fighting increases markedly in some youth and adults after infection with Lyme spirochetes. Defense attorneys never consider it. Why? Lawyers know absolutely nothing about medicine, and certainly not progressive medicine. (One reason they do not belong in control of Medical Boards).
  • Married couples with Lyme get more and more "regressed." He could care less what she says, and she demands to be heard. Like worn baby birds, each is so ill, they cannot hear the other or offer care to the other. They spiral into a foggy regressed hostile alienated spiral. The sad thing is that Lyme personality changes are usually invisible to 99% of mental health professionals. Personality changes are likely the most common Lyme symptom, not arthritis and simple obvious medical problems. The brain will always be the most sensitive to all inflammation changes.
  • A mother yells, is aggressive and suddenly very military in ruling the home, or "spanks" her child more.
  • A man throws things when angry or the infected person curses more, when cursing was almost never part of their vocabulary.
  • Connecting with people is harder.

But the bottom line is that any mood, memory, personality change can be spirochete illness. All acts of aggression, screaming, rages, mood lability, assaults and fights, should be followed up with a Lyme test from IGENEX interpreted with the Dr. Jones criteria discussed on this site.

And this newer type of spirochete, Lyme, makes Syphilis look like a puppy. It is one reason all major medical groups say never to wait for lab testing and start antibiotics STAT if Lyme is suspected. The infection can be from brief contact from the saliva of an acute poppy-seed tick bite, because once it is dissipated. It is harder to kill. One reads so called infectious disease "experts" talking of these tiny ticks needing to be attached to you for days, and seem clueless on careful removal. They seem to not know Tick saliva holds active Lyme. They may know infections, but not these infections!

Of course most of them do not have relatives who were missed by common 1990's Lyme teaching that kills people with Lyme.

So if you have a rare bulls-eye rash--not seen in most Lyme cases but a clear sign of a positive Lyme infection--and a physician will not prescribe aggressive antibiotics on the spot, consider going to the ER and finding a new physician.

Peace to the Suffering,

Dr. J.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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