Dr James Schaller
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A physician wrote this as a possible philosophy of how to use busy physicians struggling to survive in this anti-MD world, and also how one might use various other sources to get the best care for a family.


How does one work in the chaotic work of modern medicine?

  • First, we decide if the physician has ANY ability at all. For example, our GYN is useless with natural hormones, but she can feel an abnormal ovary stoned. So we keep for her for exams.
  • Will the doctor refer to specialists? No. Can we self refer? No. We get someone else in the plan.
  • We use every specialist we can, knowing they are narrow, but can address very focused things--is an ankle broken? Is that rash serious or common? Is the EKG OK?
  • We try to read finite articles that get to the point on OUR issues. If you read 30 medical articles in a year about your unique illness, it is possible you have read more than most of your physicians who are exposed to 10,000 illnesses.
  • We find the top 15 people writing on our most serious issues. We read what the top clinicians are doing who are having some success with SOME percentage. We used to think Pope's existed for a field of medicine, and then we reduced it to thinking Pope's existed for diseases. Now we think that is not even true. Each illness has 30-20,000 papers written by 30-200 or more people. And an additional 10 folks exist who do not publish but have great clinical skill. One might read information or meet one of these experts a month or every season.
  • Our family thanks any doctor or nurse or health care worker who does ANY THING right. We have long ago tossed out the idea ANYONE can do all for us.
  • We try not to complain too much and if we ask for things like records we pay 15.00 without being asked and offer pre-addressed stamped envelopes. The support staff notices our thoughtfulness, and our labs and records are shared faster. To prevent side effects complaints we often try new medications at a little lower dose the first couple days unless a life and death medication. This decreases the abrupt onset side effects complaints.
  • We aggressively use educational consultants. Every season we have some family issue and pay for some answer to some issue. It might come in the form of a retired doc in Arizona, or a hormone expert in rural PA, or an advanced article from the library or a book we buy. Yet the best medicine that is up to date is 2-3 years and sometimes 10-20 years ahead of being published. Many creative clinicians do not publish at all.
  • We use and listen to progressive alternative medicine folks. Like all healers they might overstate, but often have very real goodies. We recall one family member with a back injury, and a masseuse gave the family member some Asian essential oil/aspirin based product. The severe pain was gone in 15 minutes. We were stunned. We looked up the ingredients and in MODERATION they were fully safe. We bought 10 bottles just to have in storage, and the price was absurdly cheap.
  • We stay open to causes for our illnesses that are not mainstream. Lyme is quite common and if in less than millions of the 293 million in USA population we would be surprised. And the EPA says 30% of USA structures have indoor mold--so mycotoxins. This is medicine known by 1% of treating physicians in 2006.... Most do not know the best labs, the right labs or how to evaluate these things just yet. So much important and common illness is outside mainstream drug company controlled medicine.


Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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