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How State Medical Boards Promote Suicide
By Chronic Untreated Pain

A Pain Patient's Guide to the New Lepers of Medicine

State Medical Boards, Media addicted Attorney Generals and the DEA, have produced a clear message to physicians. If we do not like your dose–you go to jail. If you try to help too many pain patients–you go to jail. If your patient commits a crime–you go to jail. Simply, they blame bank managers for a bank robbery if a patient lies to a doctor. If you want to treat someone for pain you must take massive and tortuous notes in the ten minutes the HMO allows–or you will go to jail.

The fact is very clear. If you are in pain, all the lies and fake empathy in the world will not change the fact that State Medical Boards, Media addicted Attorney Generals and the DEA, hate the notion you need pain medications, and want you in a rehab yesterday. Chronic pain is not a fifth vital sign as the hospital certification agency says, because these agencies think that is nonsense, and oppose your medical care. They practice 1950's anti-pain care medicine without a license and would rather see you given potentially fatal surgery than pain care.

Many individuals oppose physician-assisted suicide due to moral and legal reasons. I understand these feelings. Yet, these same people are clueless that their doctor abuse, war on doctors and war on pain patients is murder. Why? They make it too terrifying to physicians to treat pain torment, since the Big Brother State or Federal government will attack them. This promotes patient use of suicide to escape the horrible pain.

One study of about 900 physicians treating cancer patients found the vast majority said these patients were undermedicated for their pain. And these were cancer patients! If your pain source is not a fatal cancer you are even in deeper trouble. You are a leper, and State Medical Boards, Media addicted Attorney Generals and the DEA, will make it almost impossible to cure physicians of their terror of these Big Brother anti-pain positions. Please understand, that all three of these groups talk a game of supporting pain care. But it is like listening to the member of the KKK talk about a love for blacks. The more they say and do the worse they make it. They care 99% for prevention of addiction, and this controls their anti-pain pro suicide messages.

When I read the research and talk to MD's, the biggest fear of prescribing pain medication chronically is fear of State Medical Boards, Media addicted Attorney Generals and the DEA.

Studies and interviews with these three groups–State Medical Boards, Media addicted Attorney Generals and the DEA–shows they are largely clueless about medical pain care in 2006. Talking to them is like going back to a time of black and white TV.

Since State Boards are a top problem and barrier, they need to do some education, which they wish on MD's.

*They need 30 hours of education on narcotic chronic pain care taught by pain experts.

*They need to meet or watch interviews with chronic pain patients for 10 hours.

*State medical board members cannot hide behind retired addictionologists. Nor can they blame their ignorance on their training specializations--"I am a kidney doctor so I do not have to know pain." Says who? Pain is called the 5th vital sign by the primary hospital accreditation agency in the US. If you are on the board and ruining medical careers, go learn what you have not learned. State medical board members cannot be lazy and anti-knowledge, but must be knowledgeable about all aspects of medical practice. Period. If caring about patients in great suffering is not in keeping with a state board member's temperament, resign.

*They need to pass a test on chronic pain administered by a pain society.

*Do not use anti-pain paid prostitute experts who are not even practicing doctors, but are retired addictionologists, to evaluate pain care issues. The use of addictionologists, who do not treat pain, sends the message pain medication is bad and dark, and good luck fixing your pro-suicide pain problem in your state.

*Investigators cannot be retired DEA agents or those who have strong bias against pain care. Indeed, they need to also be trained in and exposed to patients with chronic pain on video and some basic facts on pain care. For example, many investigators actually think the pain research shows a top dose for oxycontin. They think there is some magic dose that is OK, and 20 mg over that dose is criminal. What ignorant anti-medicine nonsense. If this dosing fact is a shock, you are not qualified to evaluate any pain issue.

*Insurance companies have a vested interest in limiting pain care medication costs. Any report by them should be suspect.

*Any public discipline due to pain medications will affect the practice of 1-2,000 physicians. Some actually think that legal reversals in which MD's are vindicated will help physicians to write for severe chronic pain. Dream on. Any possible threat is a complete threat.

*Document forever or you are guilty. The response to this prejudice and extreme burden against pain care just makes physicians not want to be bothered. Physicians figure let the state board or attorney general write for your pain medication.

The simple fact of the matter is that most state officials who are lawyers with 9th grade biology level minds and state board prosecutors with the same High School science mind know nothing about pain, and would be served by having a fishing hook placed in their back for a few months. This would be a helpful audiovisual experiential aid to overcome their anal pro-pain suicide promotion and euthanasia promotion. They do not seek out pain experts. They act like ultra biased anti-justice crime investigators, and get someone who will tell them what they want to hear. "Yes" prostitute witnesses as "experts."

*Fix the ignorant language that uses words like addict and addiction that shows that these officials do not know how a liver works. It removes any medication it sees daily. And it the pain source is worsening, the dose will need an increase. That this needs to be taught in 2006 is utterly astounding.

And since pain medications are as legally as available as a unicorn, since chronic pain patients are lepers, it is questionable how one who is trying to remove pain with no resource is a true addict. In a state which makes food impossible to acquire, is the person a food addict who steals or lies to get food? When chronic pain care is impossible to find, what is truly addictive behavior? Perhaps it is using much more of a drug than is required for pain control. But many of the silly addiction diagnosis lists would make many non-addicts look like addicts. So I suppose those who steal for food and water throughout the world are water and food addicts. So much for simple definitions.

*Complete protection is the only reason physicians will ever write for pain medications. Stupid memos to doctors telling them if they do the following 20 steps they will be safe, are useless. Physicians no longer trust the State Medical Boards, Media addicted Attorney Generals and the DEA. And guess what guys; you really messed up, because we have the only ball. You are never going to be able to make us all treat chronically ill patients with narcotics. So you are burned. And you and all your loved ones are aging and getting arthritic and 300 other things that cause constant pain.

*So here is the Schaller Good Samaritan Pain Control Bill Solution. No physician can be prosecuted, investigated or disciplined for treating chronic pain, unless there is overwhelming evidence of intentional diversion in which the physician is selling narcotics or is using narcotics to clearly and intentionally cause euthanasia. Sorry guys, anything less will not be enough. So save the pens and ink. We do not trust you. And doctors have very long memories.

*Forget the "accepted guideline" nonsense, which promises to be less restrictive. You still are not getting it. State Medical Boards, Media addicted Attorney Generals and the DEA are not trusted anymore... This "guideline" junk is just another one of the 10 hoops we have to prove in obnoxious documentation that allows us to relieve suffering. This is pain prejudice and hatred for pain patients at the same level as all groups hated and despised throughout history. "Guidelines" will be ignored. It is easier to find a Black Eskimo than to find a chronic pain physician who will use opioids.

*Forget about requiring us to do pain education credits. Unless we are free to treat pain without the governmental presence of pro-suicide pain agencies, we will not treat. Period.

It is pretty clear State Medical Boards, Media addicted Attorney Generals and the DEA have destroyed you access to pain care. I wish I had hope they will fix this, but they are not caring enough and wise enough to realize the horror they have created for pain patients. But the good news is you can have potentially fatal surgery or have your pain source (s) stuck with needles over and over again as treatment.

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