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I do not know Dr. James Shortt. But he seems to take on all the patients that have failed all the local and state medical experts. So when desperate hopeless dying patients are seen by folks like him--someone not willing to give up, all the know-it-all useless people emerge. Local people who think they could "educate God," various IVY League centers, government drug experimentation centers, and the pathologists who "treat" dead bodies, come out as if they could have cured the patient. Hardly!

To many patients Shortt is a savior, a physician on the cutting edge. He offers more than the knife and the newest pharmaceutical drug approved by the FDA -- the limited right and left hand of American medicine that millions have grown sick of seeing.

But the death of one of his patients has caused the common attack reaction of patient relatives, malpractice attorneys, dated naive physicians, and others. So again, why should any physician treat anyone who is ill and could die? What does the physician get out of such a massive risk?

If a death will send investigators to rape the privacy of other patient's files, why bother? One fine surgeon just said to me, "I think it is time for me to open a coffee shop. Medicine is controlled by lawyers in all branches of government, some State Medical Boards are actually run by lawyers, and the Newspapers love a juicy death--sick. They do not believe people ever die.

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments
and MD Ignorance

These citizens do not realize the prevalence of Lyme in their lovely Carolina rural and suburban areas. Their two states are filled with Lyme and other tick-borne infections.

Dr. Shortt has been willing to treat people in one of the most medically limited areas of the country, the Carolinas, in which I have had both children and adults merely visit, and return with tick bites and Lyme disease. These newly infected people believe the prevalence of Lyme in the lovely rural and suburban areas of the Carolinas are vastly missed by physicians who are under trained to diagnose Lyme and its co-infections. The doctors I have spoken with in the Carolinas did not even know what a "co-infection was." Nevertheless, Dr, Shortt puts up with dated medicine and treats folks in the outskirts of Columbia, S.C.

He has been working as a physician for many years, and all was well until one of his patients died. I regret it when anyone dies. But perhaps folks need to grow up and watch a few MASH reruns and realize that people die every day. Today in every Medical hospital in the USA someone has likely died. Will that make the primetime? Many interventions carry some risk, and death is almost always listed as a possible outcome. Since we cannot be real and face reality, that death is common, despite the best care, we look to rage at the one accepting "desperate patients." Only an idiot thinks he accepts these patients for money. They are all time bombs for malpractice.

Dr. Shortt gave her some IV hydrogen peroxide which he has used in the past for certain disorders, and apparently it is used by a number of practitioners throughout the USA. And according to some reports "has never been FDA-approved for internal use." Only a foolish person could write this line. What drug company is going to spend untold millions on a medication with hundreds of years of history behind it, which is easily made and likely not able to be patented?

In brief, Shortt believes like many physicians before the antibiotic drug revolution, that Hydrogen Peroxide is something that hinders infections from bacteria, viruses and spirochetes like syphilis and Lyme.

While it is easy for those who only know pills and the knife to think this option is rare. It is not. And many physicians offer this treatment, despite the complete lack of education in medical school from drug company controlled education. Some doctor's say the medical Big Brother does not want you to know about it. And this is portrayed as paranoid, as the newspapers quote uneducated government clique-masters who say it is junk. If that is not rejection of it, what is?

The theory is that hydrogen peroxide releases extra oxygen inside the body, killing viruses and bacteria. Shortt's patients also get vitamins and nutrients intravenously, which is probably reasonable in light of my deficiency research work on American blood levels of essential nutrients. Some attack him because Hydrogen Peroxide has no recent NIH or FDA large-scale studies that show it works. What a silly comment. I suppose drug companies are eager to study an unpatentable cheap bacteria treatment? And this was a very common treatment before the age of pill antibiotics, the same antibiotics that many organisms are becoming resistant to -- where was that in the media presentations? Lazy reporting and lazy medical research!

Other doctors had diagnosed Katherine Bibeau with multiple sclerosis. She was very ill and in a wheel chair. Apparently she was not satisfied with the common MS treatments available in Minnesota, because after two years of MS, she drove down past state lines and came to see Dr. Shortt. Amazingly, Shortt was willing to treat someone with so many risk factors for death, and who had done so poorly on common MS treatments.

Apparently some media writers seem to think that folks should have been weary of Dr. Shortt because he was not "affiliated" with any hospital or university. I suppose they think that people who like to sit on committees and attend useless meetings, are better doctors. Personally, I have been offered to be part of many such useless bodies, and the only thing they provide is hassles. People who think the best medicine is at some local university or local hospital should look at their creativity and ability to find new treatments for hard to treat patients -- often they are fluff and controlled by pharmaceutical grants, and with documented liars writing research publications.

Many of the best physicians in the USA are firing Medicare with their Federal coding error witch hunts and junk fees, and firing insurance child clerks who "review' their medicine. I fired them 13 years ago and it has been something that has allowed me to spend money on research, not insurance processing staff.

So Dr. Shortt gave Katherine Bibeau some IV hydrogen peroxide as he had likely done many times before, and many physicians do all over the world. And which was a routine treatment before the Pharmaceutical antibiotic rule. It appears she had some non-specific complaints with 50 possible causes of: "nausea," "leg pain," and later "bruises." In medicine, we can always send someone to the emergency room to wait 2-12 hours if they have complaints. Certainly she had this option and this right. I doubt any ER would have turned her away. These non-specific signs are common in medical procedures and are called "idiopathic." It is a word I dislike, but one used liberally in routine medicine. We do not know the cause so it is "idiopathic X."

After her very stressful traveling though many states, she died 72 hours later. I suppose this is a common happening in serious surgeries, and this was a severely ill women on profoundly powerful MS medications, which some mention as if they are face creams!

Apparently, the husband now feels the doctor is a devil. This is one reason I will not treat patients with antagonistic know-it-all relatives. Having a new doctor in the family or a pompous surgeon is the worst. I refer them elsewhere. He says that they felt there would be no risks. Curious, he thinks her powerful MS meds were like candy, he had to go many states to get this treatment from Dr. Shortt so it was obviously rare, and the treatment was an IV treatment, and we are supposed to think he thought this was mere water treatment?

Dr. Clay Nichols is the pathologist who conducted the autopsy and he reports he had never heard of it before. Of course in his part of the country he would not see much that is progressive and obviously he did no reading or study before jabbering to the press on Hydrogen peroxide. The coroner admits to being profoundly clueless on the effects of Hydrogen peroxide, and yet he knows the downsides of it? Sloppy. He points to her inability to clot her blood normally. I can only think of numerous causes of this problem, which I would not expect from most Carolina pathologists treating dead bodies to know. The coroner was upset that a substance found in the body and used to kill infections was used at a higher dose than we make naturally and that it was" an unapproved drug in her veins." First, most American medications are used in unapproved ways, in the real world of complex clinical medicine. And America is often the last country to get some of the safest and best medications on the planet. And to think Hydrogen peroxide would ever be approved is ignorant, since no money is to be made, and so no one would file an FDA application.

Some of the big name drug company controlled agencies are opposed to this hydrogen peroxide option. As we know from leading medical journals, most medical thinking is controlled by pharmaceutical money, and so this opposition to non-drug company treatments is as surprising as fireworks on July 4th.

Shortt is aware that there have been some reports of problems with hydrogen peroxide, but like most experts in a modality, he has refined it and explains he does not use the material in these studies. He reports his solution is markedly diluted and of high quality. He has treated 2,00 patients using this formula, and so his success rate for very high risk dying patients, is far superior than many interventions used by oncologists, hematologists, neurologists, internists, trauma surgeons and heart surgeons.

One of the reasons I will not treat patients who are very ill without aggressive follow up, is due to the media and state board problem with linking events in time with cause. If someone had ice cream it must have killed them. If they saw me a month ago, it must be my fault if something goes wrong. They forget that they were seen by 30 doctors before me, and now are unwilling to have proper follow up. People die suddenly every day. Folks live in a denial of death.

Some folks say that Dr. Shortt was preying on people who had no hope for a cure. Really, so go somewhere else then and leave the man alone. Get the patient to just accept death. Tell them if the local docs do not have any answer then no answers exist. Do you really think this is the truth? It would be naive, since medical skills and abilities and knowledge has become highly variable, and there are many different treatment options.

Some say this is mere placebo. Of course this had to be thought up by a lawyer chasing an ambulance, who knows nothing about real medicine. By the time folks come to me they have almost no placebo response, because they are profoundly hopeless. They expect it to fail.

Some constipated physicians feel we should only look to double blinded random controlled studies. Of course it takes 5-15 years for these to be done and in the meantime real doctors have to find solutions. And some will never be done. Never. No drug money in it, and Federal studies have more paperwork than Scott paper. Sometimes you either abandon the patient or just tell them to die, or you explore anecdotal case reports. Or look to medical science from pre-drug company days. Each patient is unique and each is a study of one unique set of variables.

He Helped Me

Shortt treated a Ms. Theinert for asthma, mononucleosis, and Lyme disease. She says hydrogen peroxide is the only thing that's helped: "When I first came here, I could not walk down the hall. I could hardly breathe." It appears her other clique treatments from other doctors had failed? Where is the report of this case? Why should Dr. Shortt have treated her? Does he have a legal death wish? He treats tough patients. Good for him.

Since Dr. Shortt has thousand's of patients. So he had more than one terminal cancer patient. A Mrs. Bate eventually died. But she was ruled as a death from cancer by her personal physician, and she was diagnosed as terminal 1/2 a year before meeting Dr. Shortt. Her husband had advanced and incurable prostate cancer but Dr. Shortt met with him anyway. He later died of cancer also.

Dr. Shortt lives in the Lyme infested Carolinas and thought that both patients might have Lyme. No surprise since it is the leading vector illness in the USA, and perhaps only reported to authoriities in 1/40 cases. It is not uncommon for couples in the same location to both have Lyme, and it has been isolated from sexual fluids. Whether this is a reliable way to transmit it is not certain to me, but this is a spirochete related to shyphillis, which is very complex and which the great CDC has failed to develop a good test for in decades and no vacccine, so a dash of humility from them might be a change of pace on the Lyme issue.

Some report that the Bates couple was tested for Lyme and found to be negative. Since they probably had a weak immune system from their cancer treatment, their antibody tests would hardy be good. And most Lyme testing labs are junk according to blinded samples sent to dozens of labs. That these know-it-all ignorant physicians found that a junk lab produced a negative is as surprising as taxes. I would have told them the result beforehand. I have seen this from patients with positive Lyme symptoms, a positive SPECT scan and even the very rare bulls-eye rash -- they still come up negative. What a waste of insurance money!

Testosterone And Prostate Cancer

Tens of thousands of physicians use compounded bio-identical testosterone. Anyone interested in reading about the benefits can read some best-selling texts from researchers and clinicians from all over the world. It was routinely used in the 40's to increase blood flow and reverse gangrene infections. Some feel it grows bones and increases perfusion to the brain and heart. But you will have to discuss this with your local trial lawyers with an 8th grade science understanding.

Some feel bio-identical testosterone from USP FDA approved powders is very useful and women and men have offered very good reports of its benefits. They do not solve every medical problem, but with more folks living into the 80's to 100's, perhaps we should look past mere bypass and knee replacements for our preventive medicine.

Some physicians feel testosterone prevents prostate cancer and that this region of the male body may have a higher concentration. We do not see passionate 20 y/o's with prostate cancer; it is associated with men with lower testosterone and an estrogen to testosterone ratio that is not favorable. Yet once a person has prostate cancer it is risky to use, since the cancer can have testosterone receptors. Of course, many men are severely damaged by prostate treatments, and complain of symptoms that testosterone might help. With all the erection medications all over the TV, it seems men do care about their sexuality and mood, despite the casualness some have reported to me from their urologists about their impotence, dead libido, and other damaged results.

The South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners said Dr. James Shortt prescribed the steroid testosterone to four unidentified male patients "in doses and frequencies that were extremely unlikely to have been prescribed with any legitimate medical justification." What amuses me here, is that we do not know the blood levels of these individuals. Many endotoxins and mycotoxins can lower male testosterone at any age. And Lyme also attacks testosterone levels. Of course if one person on the South Carolina Medical Board knew that, I would be stunned. Apparently, some "investigator," apparently an expert in DHT, estradiol, DHEA or testosterone determined that the dosage ... was used for medically unnecessary purposes... My heavens, we have an unlearned endocrine psychopharmacologist compounding "investigator" lecturing the state board and Dr. Shortt on dosing.

I guess anyone can offer a fools opinion in a South Carolina board investigation. They should call my gardener, who has many opinions on a great many things and investigates various things, I am sure he would also have an opinion on this complex topic.

In recent years, some physicians I know have moved to the Carolinas. Some do clique medicine and some actually study new things that the drug companies did not teach them in medical school. They should probably move and find some place where they are needed and wanted.

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