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The Physician who was known for extremely abusive and tyrannical actions against physicians, Keith Miller, who helped set up the most violent proceedings against some of the most exceptional and talented MD's, such as Dr. William Rea, a researcher and author in the field of advanced toxicology before many physician's even knew the word, has suddenly resigned. Perhaps this is due to his character troubles in establishing the worst physician-medical board in the USA or because his nurse used his narcotics pads and forged scripts with his name. He still employs her, and is now planning on being an "expert" in suing physicians. Charming.

Dr. Keith Miller forced off Texas Medical Board

Notorious Texas Medical Board (TMB) henchman, Dr. Keith Miller, abruptly resigned his position on the TMB on Friday, September 7, 2007.

Miller's resignation was due to the intense scrutiny of his abusive and tyrannical actions against physicians while on the TMB. It was also due to his relationship with Bridget Hughes, his Nurse Practitioner. Bridget Hughes, who was found to be a narcotics addict by the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners while employed by Miller, continues to work as Miller's nurse practitioner at his office in Center, Texas. Hughes had her prescription writing ability suspended when she was disciplined by the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners (TBNE) on April 16, 2007 for stealing (50) triplicate prescriptions from her previous supervising physician employer and forging his name to obtain narcotics for her own use.

Inside sources have informed us that Ms. Hughes will be charged shortly with narcotic violations by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Federal District Court in East Texas. Why has Dr. Miller continued to employ Bridget Hughes as his nurse practitioner? Why has Miller continued to protect her? What goods does Hughes have on Miller? Do not be surprised if Hughes points the finger at Miller if the Justice Department offers her a shortened sentence for coming clean about her relationship with him.

Miller gave as his reason for resigning his desire to pursue his career as an expert witness against physicians for plaintiff attorneys. Miller has testified in 41 medical malpractice cases against doctors over the past three years. It appears that Miller may have used his position on the TMB to gain expert witness status for himself.

The names of the physicians against whom Miller has testified will be compared with the names of physicians disciplined by the TMB in order to find out whether or not Miller was using his position on the board to fish for potential malpractice cases for plaintiff attorneys.

Miller's resignation is a major victory for the legislators, physicians and citizens who are working to reform the Texas Medical Board to ensure that the patient/doctor relationship is protected.

Dr. Shirley Pigott was indefatigable in her investigations of Miller. Dr. Pigott uncovered Miller's relationship with Hughes, his work as an expert witness for plaintiff attorneys against physicians and his conflict of interest as a member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Advisory Committee which looks for ways to cut costs by limiting physicians' evaluations and treatment of patients. Dr. Pigott deserves our deepest gratitude.

Our work has just begun. We must redouble our efforts to make the TMB healthy again. Already we have placed intense pressure on the TMB. The TMB has been seriously ill, but the removal of the Miller is the first step in restoring its health.

The TMB is clearly on the defensive. We will continue to attack that which the TMB cannot defend:

  1. anonymous complaints from insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, attorneys and competitors,
  2. anonymous "expert" witnesses,
  3. Star Chamber hearings held in secret,
  4. prohibition of notes and recording in hearings,
  5. denial of due process to physicians,
  6. intimidation tactics,
  7. forced settlements, and
  8. conflicts of interest of the TMB members.

We will continue to defend that which cannot be attacked: 1) the sacredness of the patient/doctor relationship, 2) transparency of complaints and proceedings, 3) accountability of TMB members for their actions, and 4) integrity of the TMB members and staff in carrying out their responsibilities.

The Texas House Committee on Appropriations Regulatory Sub-Committee, chaired by Representative Fred Brown, and the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by Senator Jane Nelson, will be holding a joint hearing to investigate the Texas Medical Board. The tentative date for the hearing to begin is Tuesday, October 23, 2007.

If you would like to testify at this joint committee hearing, then please contact Stacey Bandfield at 281.698.8679.

Texans deserve better than they have received from the Texas Medical Board.

Working together, we shall be successful in reforming the Texas Medical Board.


Written by Dr. Hotze also at www.hotzehwc.com

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