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Seminoles QB Diagnosed with Lyme disease

It was not a broken bone that will sideline Wyatt Sexton, the top quarterback of Florida State. After being found disheveled and disoriented on a city street last month, with clear neurological compromise, he has finally been diagnosed with Lyme. According to his school, he will miss the entire upcoming season. It seems they do not accept the CDC position that 4 weeks of antibiotics will magically cure someone with neurological or psychiatric symptoms--a smart patient and a smart administration. Typically, it can take up to 30 physicians to finally discover Lyme, and to help a person with treatment. I guess he and his family are smart at learning about tick-borne illness fast.

Wyatt is the first string quarterback for the Florida State University football team. The media had previously reported erroneously that drugs were involved. This appears in retrospect to be complete nonsense. I am sure that was a great "support" to his family. Lyme is in the brain in ten days, and has the ability to make someone present with any neurological, psychiatric or medical problem. That is why it is called the "Great Imitator." The Bowen Q-RIBb test accurately detected the Lyme fragments in his blood, and he also met full Lyme clinical criteria.

In appears that a Florida physician learned about this test and Lyme disease through a CDC-disrespected Lyme Support Group. The groups that help folks after their local physician or the local infectious disease "expert" tells them they are fine, and offer nothing for a solution. This humble open-minded doctor ordered a Bowen Research Center Q-RIBb test. This is a spirochete test designed by a voluminous researcher, with many peer-published articles who also has completed multiple residencies.

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My Best Wishes For His Health,

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