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"Nice to Meet You, Try an IV Forever"

Sane Lyme Disease Treatment in 2010

I never wanted to get involved in many areas of medicine that interest me now. I was pulled against my desire, kicking and very uninterested, into the treatment of various tick and flea infections, because our clan could not find people to fix our troubles. I have many friends whom I love and many relatives, but the healers we wanted to use were slowly becoming out of date. It was at this time, my family decided to empty all our assets totally, and do full-time research and part-time clinical care.

Why Mention This?

Many years ago, we started studying about fifteen areas of medicine, because smart healers had holes in what they were learning from big pharmaceutical company controlled American Medicine. Further, I could read thousands of articles and mounds of textbooks in a short time, when in the past it was hard to read 150 articles or a mere few books on advanced medicine a year.

One area I tried to master was the many infections carried in deer ticks. It is a shame and a disaster that the deer tick, found all over the world, is seen as an agent of mere Lyme disease. Like humans, after a large meal, deer ticks and other ticks, do not have one infection in their bellies. Actually, emerging science and emerging probes are starting to show that Babesia and Bartonella species are seriously explosive in numbers with massive variety of species. If you hear a healer talking about deer ticks and Lyme alone — you are watching ancient history. "Lyme disease" alone from a deer tick bite is a 1970's concept. Yes, I have read the dinosaur work on various percentages of each infection besides Lyme found in deer ticks using probes that are outdated and wrong by the time published. Babesia and Bartonella medicine and lab science is at least twenty years behind reality.

Lyme Trash Mill IV Medicine

The "experts" in Lyme are in two camps now. Some use a single treatment, literally a freakish one size fits all antibiotic, no matter what the age or the patient or duration of infection. A fifteen year old and a fifty year old who have a hundred pound body size different, and one has gone untreated thirty years, get the same clique anti-intellectual treatment. Therefore, humans are all to get the same care, and it is believed passionately all massive mill monster labs used are perfect at detection, and parallel infections in deer ticks do not exist. Meaning, the labs for Babesia and Bartonella, which do not test for all proven human species, are of no concern. This is sad. A response to these errors could fill five books and they are already in print. Yet new textbooks they are rarely read, because mill physicians have little time to read. I speak from experience.

However, I really want to talk about the "experts" who are supposed to be "Lyme literate" (LL MD's), who are supposed to be aggressive and to do a better job at Lyme disease treatment, than healers using a guideline designed by 15-25 physicians meant to supplant the knowledge of 800,000 USA physicians. True, LL MD's they do not mock and act sadistically toward patients who still report symptoms that are present after a few weeks of antibiotics fail. They do take medical complaints seriously. However, this does not mean they are offering top care. Being opposed to one limited medical position, does not mean your position is ideal and advanced.

For example, Dr. X is respected because he has training in infectious disease. He has read about 200-400 articles on the Babesia and Persistent Atypical Bartonella in the last decade. He and others assume his knowledge of 500-1,000 other infections from his training and experience, makes him an expert in tick infections. Let us assume he is a sincere physician. Nevertheless, he is ultimately limited in treating the parallel infections carried in deer ticks.


Simply, because after a speedy and cheap evaluation, 50% of which was done by others, he knows you need an IV. He knows you need it now. He does nothing to protect either your liver or gall bladder. He sometimes does not ponder the Lyme cysts made by his IV treatment. He does not ponder BbTox1, the patented Lyme biotoxin.

He checks for co-infections, which are actually parallel infections using one lab, and if he reads 30 articles on any of these, he feels he has mastered them.

He uses junk like Artemisinin for Babesia that fails to cure in blind trials, but which can kill a few Babesia, giving the illusion of utility. He or she naively applies malaria dosing and treatment tools to Babesia. This is a serious error.

It is beyond sad that he or she also uses Mepron 1500 mg/day, when this usually fails in newer research. It is old medicine. It advanced indirect and direct testing, one or both shows Babesia residue. Simply, no drug for Babesia has a set upper cure limit. Why is this simple lesson from first year medical school ignored by attending healers? Such lack of basic information is a disaster. People and "authoritative guidelines" from any group is trash medicine best applied to cars, not complex people with infinite and unique biochemistry.

He also uses junk relapsing treatments with immune suppressing Bartonella bacteria. These would include Levaquin, Rifampin, Mycobutin, Ceftin, Zithromax, Doxycycline, and many other useless long-term treatments. Among the worst junk treatments are misc. tinctures and herbs from "herb sages" who have read little, do no blind outcome testing, ignore and mock top quality blind testing, and are simply in the way. If the tincture, herbal capsule or energy medicine works, have me do blind outcome studies on it, as I have done on so many of my inherited "cures" from others and we will see what these income wasting tools actually do. I have looked at virtually all of them. A mere 2-5% are effective in tick and flea infection medicine and most are useless. However, you still hear, year after year, massive chatter about how useful some herbs are at killing Babesia, Bartonella or Lyme, when at best they lower body load a dash. The utter certainty of some companies and healers is stunning. It is a serious concern.

If they are advertised or discussed in alternative medicine articles, with very few exceptions, we take them seriously as treatment options. This includes herbs from every area of the world, since my average patient has been to five to fifty physicians before me, and many come from famous hospitals or physicians or other healers. It is clear, from simple blinded testing, in which the lab has no idea of the past treatment, is seen as a major chore to some healers. If this is a chore, please stop using junk medicine.

When a patient's serious Bartonella returns, it is virtually always seen as a return of Lyme disease, because no one realizes Bartonella can kill you, and Bartonella is hardly a mere passing cold in many people. Some healers with dubious expertise immersed in Lyme or medical board politics, which merely do guideline reading with lazy medical minds, use a differential diagnosis for tick infections as small as a penny. My favorite is all the little Freud off spring who increasingly believe any medical issue that is too hard is call psychiatric.

So what is the lesson here?

Perhaps any physician who starts with massive and aggressive IV Lyme only tick treatment is stuck in the 80's or 90's. It is not that those who use a low dose of one antibiotic for the entire world are right. It is not that their immense blindness to deer ticks only having Lyme is OK. It is the solution of IV antibiotics forever is wrong, and a sign other issues are being missed. I discuss them in an article on this site on Lyme failure treatments.

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