Dr James Schaller
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  1. Assume all the Drivers Around you are Hallucinating Simultaneously.

    You will not assume they will drive smart and you will be thinking ahead.
  2. Pot will put you Six Feet Under the Flower Pots. Do not Smoke and Drive.

    One in Six High School Seniors Admitted Driving While High

    Marijuana affects concentration, perception, coordination, and reaction time, many of the skills required for safe driving and other tasks. These effects can last up to 24 hours after smoking marijuana. Marijuana use can also make it difficult to judge distances and react to signals and sounds on the road.

  3. Do not be Cocky

    You cannot drive, eat, drink, shave, dress, shop, apply make up, call someone and settle the kids, surrounded by wild drivers who are hallucinating!
  4. Aged 16-20? "It Will Never Be Me"

    Nearly one in five 16-year-old drivers is involved in a collision, making motor vehicle crashes the leading cause of death for young people age 15 to 20.
  5. Wear the Belt or Plan to Go 50 MPH Out the Window

    Nationally in 2001, two-thirds of teens killed in motor vehicle crashes were not wearing their safety belts

  6. One Beer Can Impair. It Will Not Impair the Cop with the Breathalyzer
  7. If Sleepy Get OFF the Road Now!

    In my research, we found that many folks fall asleep before they even realize they are about to fall asleep. So if you ignore any initial sense of sleep, your next "sense" might be of a pole, a tree, or God.
  8. Cell Hell -- If You Need To Lose Focus to Dial, Do Not Drive and Dial.

    Wait for a red light, pull off, or ask someone else to dial as you keep eyes on the road. A cell phone is like getting drunk for many people.
  9. If it is Dawn or Dusk Be Obnoxious and Put on Lights

    As a motorcycle rider, I have added so many flashing lights, that I look like a circus coming to town. Good. No one kills clowns.
  10. Get a Car with as Many Airbags as Possible and that Sits Lower to the Ground for Fewer Roll-Overs

    I appreciate it is important to be environmentally safe. Indeed, I use organics as often as possible and have 10 solar panels on my home. But any car should be safe in a crash. Your Life is Important.

To Your Health and The Health of Your Loved Ones,

Dr. J

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