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Dr. Schaller is Never Correctly “Quoted” in his “Protocols”

My personal experience is that while some posters are quite smart and help hundreds, in terms of my treatments, which smart LL patients do not discuss, I have never been quoted accurately. While we try to be as clear as possible in the fraction of material we have available, it is sad and confusing why things rewritten 7-10x with copy editors for clarity, are never quoted correctly.

For example, under one of my books, it says my entire very dense book, based on over 1,000 hours of study and blind testing at many top labs, can be reduced to “treat five months and not just four months.”

  1. As posted at least 15x in books, articles and sites, I oppose all protocols from all groups, including the CDC, NIH, IDSA, ILADS, and the routine antibiotic books some live by as if they were Biblical. Why? One reason is that your genetics, your infection species and variants, and drug levels, etc will never fit another person. Therefore, we have literally never treated two people the same. Never.

    This does not mean that these guidelines are all wrong. It does not mean I do not bother to ponder them and read other physician’s opinions. However, if someone has a strong reaction that is not an allergy on a mere ¼ of a pill or capsule, how can you ignore this strong effect, and go to a medical mill guideline? It is sadistic and treats the patient as a car.
  2. Since I have far more work then time to deal with hate speech and those who are cognitively limited through no fault of their own, I will merely mention one sample quote sent to me by many people who were furious and pleased with their care.

Let me list the quote and make a mere few passing comments. I have no time to “fix” every comment that is unrelated to our reality.


At this time, despite wasting time on profoundly incorrect comments, I have deleted their name. For now, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They are also suffering and do not need to be hassled by me. I will break out the comments and make replies as marked.

Posted December 04, 2009 08:53 PM

I took the HH capsules for 8 months.

*** This assumes I prescribe herbs. Herbs are self-treatment. They do not need prescriptions. We do not really have a sense of solid knowledge on this herb. It only lasts roughly 4 hours. No set start or end dose exists.

Before the HH-2 came out, which is double the strength, I took 3 HH capsules 4 times a day.

*** Perhaps this person was busy, and did not have time to explain why they took this exact dose, but the reasoning matters for any dose you use if you self-treat.

*** One has a sense this might be a protocol, and if he is referring to me, I have no protocols on people self-treating with herbs. Of course, it might simply be what he can handle.

I was told Schaller recommends taking 20-25 capsules a day

*** First off, “Schaller” sounds resentful. When I refer to any person with any sacrifice of decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to achieve a profession, I am respectful, even if I do not agree. I am happy for patients to use my first name only. However, this tone seems hostile. I call 16 year-olds “Maam” and “Sir” in any store, since I want to respect them even if they are young. Value, appreciation and respect are lost values and entitlement and ruthless criticism is dark.

*** The “quote” from his friend is nonsense. I have never said anything so unusual. Is the friend his "physician" controlling his care tailored care on a complex emerging infection?

When the HH-2 came out I took 10 a day but I relapsed.

*** How does he know that this very strong dose was relapse and not a very brutal die off? I have no way of knowing without a profoundly detailed history of use and effects.

Now I am on reifampin/zithro but I do not feel I am getting any better.

*** Some smart physicians have seen help with one or both of these. Some use the stronger mycobutin for rifampin. Some of us have been burned by good responses against Bartonella, and then later the patient has a relapse. Usually the relapse is considered a Lyme relapse. On this point, this individual is likely making a very useful and wise point. He does not assume his poorer status is a Lyme relapse, but is open to it being a Bartonella relapse. Smart. Of course, the use of indirect labs, timing of medications and about 75 skin findings helps determine which infection is a problem.

If you take the HH and especially the new version, you should eat something after taking it.

*** Definitely true, but not always enough. We have a huge range of options to address this if patients want to self-treat with this herb. The HH2 is enterically coated and almost same price as HH.

It is very expensive to use these herbs.

*** One issue that is confusing to me is that right now 55 physicians are before boards for treating Lyme over three weeks. Some physicians are deeply hated for their fees and the fact they do not take insurance. Others are hated for the use of physician extenders that limit time with the “expert.” [By the way, if you take insurance, they can fire you for using advanced and full lab testing]. Many are retiring, cutting back all tick-infection care, and completely leaving this area of medicine. Many physicians literally refuse to mention the word and run from the topic. Many are tired of the abuse even the most popular advocates, authors and healers have received from patients. I know of no exceptions to this abuse. Why treat this problem when it is massively easier to treat other medical problems according to wise Dr. B. The number of physicians per population is falling fast. All co-pays and powerful herbs from other countries will sometimes be expensive. If proguanil, the 50 year-old malaria drug in Malarone was available alone in the USA, it would be cheap. Combined with Mepron, in a tablet, it is expensive.

*** The work required to make and make a herb pure is an immense expense. The drug herb in question is processed in a highly advanced manufacturing center in China. The Chinese “FDA,” the Chinese government and a third party, tests it for purity. When it arrives here, it sits on dock 10-14 days, is tested yet again, and has to be registered with the FDA as a supplement. This does not mean I endorse or “prescribe” it, but my precious friend Ching Zhang, MD, has shared this process with me.

*** So one risks 20-40 years of practice for treating only one tick or flea infection patient, and possible legal bills that cause routine bankruptcy, since physicians cannot afford what the state can afford in an attack. In three months, most MD’s can find two other common medical troubles and specialize in them with patients who are gracious and settled.

I spent 7K on LLMD…

*** That is the cost for about a mere couple of legal briefs defending yourself before a medical board or fighting a malpractice suit after a TBD patient dies and the MD is blamed. I have no cases before the board or malpractice cases and so I am saying this to help other physicians. This is what I might spend on thousands of journal articles or highly expensive super specialized medical books in a small period.

*** Most physicians involved in this area have family or friends with this disease cluster and understand the immense costs.

*** I hope a patent might sell so I could go to fully free care, instead of free care of highly select current patients.

No wonder I am depressed.

*** He was sad due to cost and other reasons, but just a reminder that Bartonella, and also Lyme and Babesia can cause profound depression, panic, agitation, hopelessness and this must be treated fully 100% before any use of a herb like HH, which can make these worse! I do not prescribe this herb, but if you use it, you sure better be careful to start with a fraction, and go up slow.


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