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The Power of Magnesium in the Treatment of Painful Headaches, Uterine Cramping, and for Optimal Brain Function and Protection

Ok, the last thing in the world I expected to write about years ago was the neat thing about magnesium. Yet it has very serious benefits and problems if "out of joint."

Lets start with the common insanity of American magnesium.

First, magnesium is kicked out of cells the more calcium you drink and eat. Nothing is wrong with calcium, it is just not meant to be alone in the diet at the expense of magnesium. This removal of intracellular magnesium by calcium is in basic toxicology texts. Honestly, nothing is cutting-edge here, just an ignored and under-taught principle.

And since magnesium is involved in over 300 enzyme reactions it is hardly trivial-for the health of the brain, muscle, heart and in pain care.

Traditional measurement has involved the use of routine blood levels, which are only useful in acute cardiology treatment as a rule. Since blood removes magnesium from the body organs to keep a certain blood level, it does not reflect what is inside cells. To test intracellular levels, we have been pleased at a test which involves scraping the cells from under the tongue, or frenulum, which measures the magnesium under cells.

Many forms of magnesium are bound with calcium. Sometimes the calcium is in a good form, e.g., citrate and the magnesium is junk-an oxide or chloride. This only increases the displacement of intracellular magnesium levels.

Amusingly, I use magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride as a treatment for constipation. It is so poorly absorbed that it keeps things moving.

Currently, there are hundreds of articles on the use of magnesium to help the brain. If you have brain injury and the content of the neurons and the surrounding cells is high in magnesium, the injury is less. Magnesium lessons muscle and blood vessel spasms. It helps some migraines and muscles spasms.

Of course, magnesium is like a drop of dye in a pool. It may take some time of aggressive supplementation to get the pool color to change and to fill up the empty intracellular stores for the entire body.

Magnesium cream or drops can be given to children with poor pill ability. And a chelated form can be given to adults in which an amino acid is bound to the magnesium and helps it get absorbed.

Some magnesium options are available at full published wholesale by clicking wholesale nutrients on this page and the home page.

Wishing You Great Health!

Dr. J

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