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Study Shows Family Physicians Almost Never Report Lyme:
Actual Lyme Treatment Frequency is 40X
Over Government Reports?

One national number for reported USA Lyme cases for 2003 is 21,273. But the study below is just one sample of the evidence that physicians almost never report positive Lyme cases. And since anti-physician state medical boards in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are always on the look-out for some doctor who is outside the narrow thought lines, no one is going to let themselves be seen as a "Lyme specialist."

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Researchers looked at the experience of Georgia family doctors and found some stunning conclusions. First, despite the use of common big name junk labs that can be falsely negative for 27 reasons, the doctors were diagnosing a great deal of Lyme disease. Second, they appear to virtually never report their positive cases. The researchers are from the Mercer University School of Medicine, Family Health Center, in Georgia, and their article is called, "Patterns of Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment by family physicians in a southeastern state."

Some key findings include:

  1. 710 family doctors filled out a survey. In the previous year, they had diagnosed Lyme 316 times without a firm diagnosis. Perhaps because the labs did not fit the clinical findings of the doctor and patient.
  2. In addition, 125 family physicians diagnosed 262 cases of Lyme disease, 130 without blood testing and 132 with the use of blood testing.
  3. The final stunning conclusion calls into serious question all the silly numbers tossed around in different states for their state Lyme frequency. In conclusion, family physicians in Georgia diagnose Lyme disease at a rate 40 times greater than the reported and recorded surveillance case rate reported in Georgia. So one in 40 cases get reported to the local health department. This is what progressive Lyme physicians have been saying for years.

To Your Health!

Dr. J

Boltri JM, Hash RB, Vogel RL. Patterns of Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment by family physicians in a southeastern state. J Community Health. 2002;27:395-402.


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