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Repeatedly Doubling Its Growth-How is It Happening?

Approximately three years ago, Dr. Schaller realized he wanted to reach out to more people. He did not want to do this merely in books that were too slow to press and had a cost, and he felt his journal articles were hard to read for some non-science types.

Life is short and our free time is limited. The Internet seemed to be something his patients and he were already using, so he started an educational site. It has exploded in size and diversity and now has a readership number that is astounding.

99.5% of the cost for the site has come from Dr. Schaller in an effort to serve more folks who are in need of medical care and education for their suffering.

He appreciates that when something is wrong medically, one can feel like an orphan and afraid, and he wanted to offer material that would prevent suffering and prevent mistakes.

How can one little doctor reach such a large volume?

  1. We offer honest information that is very creative, helps prevent pain, and is not commonly found. This week a woman told me of her mom's arthritic hands. We have a compounded cream that fully removes hand and finger pain that we have used for years. It is a combo of various medications that will never be made -- seven drug companies would have to agree. Forget about it. I recall my joy many years ago when an elderly woman in her late eighties told me, "My heavens, I opened a can like a 20 year old!" We offer ideas from many areas of medicine. Ideas in traditional medicine and progressive medicine.
  2. I do not care what the "correct" political or medical positions are if they are wrong or limited. I will call drug companies and government agencies to task if they hurt patients. While I have received different small pharmaceutical unrestricted educational grants and done a little government grant work, I am never controlled by anyone. I resigned from all agencies, hospitals and insurance companies that would claim authority over me in the last ten years, so that I do not have to hold back on the truth and your options. I will not play their political and mediocre medicine games.
  3. We are not accountable or controlled by a hidden corporation. We are not accountable to some dated university department or Ivy League medical center.
  4. We offer no deception. My fees are posted publically and clearly. If you purchase wholesale nutrients through me, 20% is sent to me, but with no added cost to you. That is usually $50-75.00 per month.
  5. We offer free 5-minute consults that usually take 20-40 minutes to folks all over the world offering them personal education. This personal help may draw relatives and friends of those we help for free. But the bottom line is we really love helping people all over the USA and the world.
  6. We are proud of our hard work and do not engage in false humility. The material we offer is top flight. We do not think someone offering so many creative solutions should hide them under a bushel.
  7. The site has no other investors, no "venture capital," no advertisement banners and no hidden partners. In other words, no thought police.
  8. The health care is sincere and meant to preserve and improve American medicine and your health. Period. There are plenty of other investments that this money could go to, but helping even a dozen people to a better life is worth every penny.
  9. We go where the new findings are found. We do not say, "Oh, that is outside my original training." Or "That is not an elite journal." We post what matters to help you, no matter where it arises.
  10. We do not ask you to be linked into us so we can hit you with our opinions monthly or weekly. When you want some answers, you know where we are found. We do not want to add to all your unwanted email.
  11. While people are more important than numbers, it is very touching that people are responding to our service. And we know than people have been helped on every continent, due to the material we have posted.

    Thanks to our past readers. We want to passionately continue to offer you ideas and materials that will keep you in the path of the best health for you and your loved ones


    Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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