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Bartonella Diagnosis and Treatment

A Highly Readable Book with 400 Images and 500 Pages

Take a Look InsideBartonella Diagnosis and Treatment

THIS is the book I've been waiting for... The Diagnosis and Treatment of Bartonella. It was written by Dr. James Schaller... and it is amazing!

I just finished reading it and it is a rare day I read any books (probably 2-3 in the past several years). I am just sorry it hasn't been available sooner as MANY doctors and patients could have been helped by the information provided. Everything on Bartonella out there now is so outdated, so it is extra nice to have this available for all.

The amazing photos and pictures, about 400 of them, were unbelievable. I was impressed. Seeing them with the descriptive captions made me realize how many people have Bartonella and are not being diagnosed or treated. We hear of these manifestations/symptoms happening to patients quite often, but have not had any documentation before now. Thankfully, it is all here in this really easy to read (I love that part) book.

I think this book should be in every doctors office in the country. Actually, it should be required reading for everyone in the health care profession, in my opinion.

I have to give it ten thumbs up!

Dr. James Schaller's dedication to the Lyme community and his in-depth research is well-known... and has been much appreciated over the years. He should be VERY proud of this book!

I found a sample of it on the web site here... but this doesn't even start to show all the good stuff inside. I really learned a lot from the information provided (pictures said a lot)... and am sure others will too.

Thank you Dr. Schaller!!!

Lucy Barnes

Bartonella - a must have book for tic-born illness sufferers, June 4, 2008 — By Louise C. "Louise C." (Tampa, FL)

As someone who has suffered the ravages of Bartonella (along with its more well known tic born illnesses), this book is a milestone in new medicine. For anyone wondering IF they have the illness, there are many ways Dr. Schaller's book will help you determine - by pictures (hundreds of them), symptoms, state of the art, new unknown tests, etc. Many people suffer from this illness and do not know it, or if they do, are unaware there are options for treatment. It is well written and documented and offers hope for those of us who have been ill with Bartonella and other tic born infections who do not get better by any means, for so long. I highly recommend it to those in the community who have heard of it but have not found any good information. If you wonder how new this information is, merely search books in print like I did and you will find nothing written in the past decade of pratical use. Having read two previous books by this author, it is nice to finally have smart researchers who also care for patients write in a clear, understandable way.

The First Book Of Its Kind! — June 5, 2008, By Connie Strasheim www.lymebytes.blogspot.com (Denver, Colorado)

When I became sick as a result of Lyme disease and its most common co-infections; bartonella, babesia, and ehrlichia — I wanted a book that would address in-depth ALL of these infections. I could not find one. So when Dr. James Schaller released a book on Babesia, I was elated. Finally, a physician had published information on an epidemic infection that remains virtually unknown in medicine. This book helped me tremendously to understand what I needed to do to treat my Babesia.

Now, Dr. Schaller has done it again with Bartonella, perhaps an even less understood infection, but which, like Babesia, is an epidemic in the United States and extremely dangerous if left untreated. I am awestruck by the fact that Dr. Schaller has been the ONLY physician to write an up-to-date book on these widespread, pernicious infections, but I am grateful that he has done so! I can only imagine how his work is going to help many to overcome these oft-misdiagnosed, but important infections.

What I really appreciate about Dr. Schaller's books, in addition to the plethora of information found therein, is that he writes in an easy-to-understand language, and uses drawings and photos to illustrate his points. This book is no exception. When it comes to trying to understand how Bartonella affects the body, or what a Bartonella rash looks like, photos are an extremely helpful aid, and especially for the really sick who have trouble assimilating information via lengthy explanations.

I am well-read in the areas of Lyme disease and its co-infections, and yet by reading this book I realized how much still I didn't know, including the lesser-known ways in which Bartonella is transmitted — how it can be identified, and finally, treated. Cutting-edge solutions that have been published nowhere else are presented, providing the reader with new weapons against an infection that is notoriously difficult to treat. Whether or not you have Bartonella, I would recommend reading this book, because, chances are, someone you know has the infection; they just don't know it yet. Also, it is vital to know how to avoid contracting the infection, since it is so deceptively easy to catch.

Finally, Dr. Schaller always manages to inject a bit of humor into his books, and this one is no exception. It makes his work interesting to read, and gives the reader hope. As Dr. Schaller's other books, I highly recommend this one for an enlightening glimpse into the world of tick and other insect-borne infections.

Bartonella: Diagnosis and Treatment — June 4, 2008, By Duncan W. Davis, Orlando

Once again Dr. Schaller writes a book that will quite possibly save hundreds of lives. Bartonella is an emerging and under diagnosed disease that causes people to never maximize their potential at a minimum and lose their life in the worst cases. I certainly appreciate Dr. Schaller's unbridled passion to teach others how to diagnose and treat these difficult diseases and found this book very user friendly and informative.

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