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Paralyzed South Korean Woman Walks
Thanks to Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

Hwang Mi-Soon's was paralyzed for 20 years. Now she walks. She is miracle of adult stem cell research. It appears scientists can have success with stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood. Her treatment team said her recovery was a leap forward in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. They are stunned at her progress.

She never "dreamed of getting to my feet again," she said.

This new adult stem cell development has raised more questions about the necessity of embryonic stem cell research. Some scientists feel embryonic stem cells have a tendency to form tumors when injected into animals or human beings -- something that does not happen with adult stem cells.

According to LifeNews Editor, Maria Vitale Gallagher, more than one hundred treatments have been developed using adult stem cells, but no patients have been cured with embryonic stem cells after more than two decades of research.

The South Korean researchers say their experiment marks the first time adult stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood have been used successfully to treat a patient with spinal cord injuries.

In a similar type of miraculous treatment, Laura Dominguez and Susan Fajt, both of the United States, never thought they would walk again after near-fatal automobile accidents that left them paralyzed with severe spinal cord injuries. But, once they received treatments with their own adult stem cells, they were able to walk with the aid of braces.

Dominguez's treatment used sinus stem cells to walk without braces. Fajt received a new adult stem cell treatment.


The primary source from this material is: Maria Vitale Gallagher, LifeNews.com Editor

Printed from: www.lifenews.com/bio582.html

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