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Sample Pain Treatment Innovations Created or Prescribed by Dr. Schaller

  1. Transdermal Promethazine--vomiting persons are unable to swallow and this is rapidly absorbed through the skin. Published in Pharmacy Journal.
  2. Sublingual Magnesium Troches--they allow for a 50-100 mg bolus rapidly absorbed. It has helped patients with migraines, spastic muscles and occasionally restless leg syndrome. Low doses used for blood pressure--safely. Higher doses for those who want lower blood pressure with an essential nutrient used in 200 plus enzyme reactions instead of medication. (Mg is commonly displaced intracellularly by excess calcium addition to the diet, without added Mg.--documented in any basic physiology or toxicology).
  3. Transdermal Doxycycline and Zithromax--can occassionally cause extensive nausea, diarrhea and rare vomiting. Rare to have these side effects if given transdermally. Research paper in process.
  4. Transdermal Ketoprofen--since NSAIDS cause various injuries large and small to the intestinal track, we give this transdermally.
  5. Multiple Advanced Nutritional Formulas, e.g., for arthritis. Top 500 corporation, which includes Dr. Koop.com site and is a wholesale-to- patient distribution corporation. I assisted in designing joint and other formulas for arthritis help, based on peer reviewed research.
  6. Treatment Resistant Vaginal Suppositories--common creams and pills occasionally fail. This treats yeast and bacterial infections and cools misc. causes of inflammation.
  7. Treatment Resistant Vulvadynia Suppositories--painful illness hard to treat. In press on this treatment.
  8. Basic Allergy Education--free articles on off-gassing, HEPA filters, dust mites, etc. for allergy relief.
  9. Arthritis Joint Cream--extremely effective formula using 5-6 ingredients from different pharmaceutical companies. Thin skin over joints with residual cartilage works best, e.g., fingers and elbows. In press in pharmacy journal.
  10. Compounded Gleevec for Cancer "cure" and pain relief--Stops fatal and incredibly painful organ rotting HES cancer. First published case using this cancer enzyme replication blocker. Published. Replicated worldwide Lancet, Mayo, NIH, etc.
  11. Transdermal diarrhea cream--if one has diarrhea, nausea may be present and bypasses this problem. Published in pharmacy article.
  12. Transdermal lorazepam--on planes after 9/11 and during other panic attacks, this has worked to stop panic in minutes since in blood in minutes.
  13. Patent Pending New Antidepressant and Joint Medication--40-page patent pending for novel antidepressant, which also helps improves/prevents joint damage for aging population, and might help liver and brain tissue.
  14. Transdermal Bio-identical Progesterone for Hormonal Migraines--used as a diuretic and serenity agent at low doses for adolescents who fail migraine treatments to reduce intra-cranial estrogen retention fluid. Published in the most cited pediatric journal internationally.
  15. Sublingual Glutathione--three flavors and two forms to deliver this key component used in Phase I & II of liver metabolism. Used especially after Tylenol abuse, cancer chemotherapy and massive regular medications, which strip liver of this essential component of liver functioning. Poorly absorbed orally so given IV--we replaced needle with sublingual delivery. Published in pharmacy article.
  16. 300 Topic Extensive Web site--hundreds of thousands of pages downloaded on the above and to prevent pain of cancer, heart disease, car accident injury, smoking disease like COPD, sex abuse victims, suicide prevention, suicide survivor, social anxiety or panic suffering. Also, pharmacology common errors typically made by internists and family doctors. Topics in 16 areas of medicine. Cost was at least $20,000 to set up and 900 hours.
  17. Treatment resistant mental pain patients--extensive articles published on extreme emotional distress common in those who fail common treatments or have many diagnoses.'
  18. Addiction Pain--abstracts on smoking addiction, sex addiction, and brief material on illness contributors to other traditional addictions. ABC TV appearance on smoking treatment.
  19. Severe fatigue--safe treatments for dysphoria and misery of idiopathic fatigue--articles published on Provigil and CoQ10 for Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue.
  20. Articles and books on psychological or spiritual pain, e.g., loss or alienation with a parent and war fears. ABC TV work on child war trauma.
  21. Painful Disease Prevention articles--abstracts and articles to prevent common painful diseases.
  22. Prescription Chemical Battery--asked by Ivy League professor and Lead Pediatric journal Editor to write on excess dosing injuries in common PDR starting doses.
  23. Liquid Medications for Pill Discomfort--for elderly, post-stroke victims who cannot swallow easily, upper GI cancers, small children, etc who dislike oral pills. Published in the most cited pediatric journal.
  24. Transdermal Fever Medication--a vomiting person does not want to swallow acetominophen (Tylenol). We have devised a way to give to lower fever discomfort through the skin. Published in pharmacology journal.
  25. Transdermal bio-identical testosterone--for hypogonadal patients instead of shots which cause massive estrogen production right after shot or messy or weak creams. (Dose fully tailored to patient).
  26. Throat Narcotic Mist--post throat surgery many find the lidocaine wears off just as they get home. Mist of lidocaine and tetracaine allows less central pain medications like Percocet, Tylenol 3's etc.
  27. Post Oral Surgery Pain Medications--two different treatments used together inside mouth and transdermally over jawbone site. In press.
  28. Troubled Children--most parents say their greatest pain is a lost child, e.g., one lost to drugs, school failure, running away, etc. Book written to offer 70 solutions to this parental suffering of "out-of-control" youth.
  29. Nebulized Glutathione--some propose may slightly limit COPD disease and breathing distress associated with this serious smoking disease. Abstract offered. At the least, may mobilize heavy metals and cigarette toxins inside deep lung tissue.
  30. Biological Biotoxins--discusses ionophores that pass cell-to-cell and are the source of treatment resistant suffering and pain in some patients. These turn on pro inflammation cytokines. Since no pharmaceutical company research money, most initial publications were self-paid by colleagues. Further articles in press by colleague and I am second author on a book on this topic.
  31. Potent Narcotic transdermal creams--in some settings a joint, e.g., a knee has severe cartilage damage, and the use of NSAIDS hurt the intestines, stomach or kidneys. Oral narcotics are watched by cheap insurance company clerks, state boards and the DEA, who blame doctors for any patient misuse, and have an ignorant 1990 view of "acceptable" doses--so chronic pain meds are avoided by 99% of physicians. Transdermal narcotics on a couple joints may work just at the spot of damage and pain, without trouble with American KGB agents.
  32. Intra-oral Antibiotics for Infected Teeth Roots--some data has found that Lyme spirochetes can be found proliferating in the roots of teeth where the immune system has trouble fighting them. We are looking at the use of antibiotics with vasodilators to carry antibiotics into the base of infected or borderline teeth. Our goal is to possible save some teeth from merely being pulled.
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