Dr James Schaller
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North Carolina Medical Excellence

One of America's great physician's lives in the Carolina's. He is an amazingly brilliant physician, researching and educating at the highest levels. Below, are just a couple examples of this top doctor's useful educational activities. He is sought out by patient's wanting exceptional care from all over the USA. Here is just a sliver of his recent activities to advance medical care. Recently, Dr. Schaller had the privilege of listening to him speak on advanced infectious disease topics, and was stunned at the level of academic brilliance he offered. Dr. Jemsek is an exceptional clinician who is a gift to the Carolinas. After recently listening to him comment on various infectious disease issues, Dr. Schaller quickly realized that Dr. Jemsek is a very special physician, who is a clinical genius, and on the cutting edge of intellectual medicine.

Dr. Jemsek attends International AIDS Conferences on HIV in France

Paris France, July 13-17 2003, International AIDS Society Conference On HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment and the Fifth International Conference on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy. Dr. Jemsek attended and presented data at both conferences, which attracted over 6000 doctors, scientists and research specialist working on HIV/AIDS from both developed and developing nations from all over the world. The emphasis has moved away from such basic attempts to identify and characterize the cause of AIDS toward the real need worldwide to provide antiretroviral drugs to HIV infected people in developing nations. The alliances forged at this conference will help to combat against this crucial global emergency. Dr. Jemsek presented two papers at the conferences in Paris, including the results of the Bristol-Myers Squibb 034 trial, which studied the effects of body fat changes in a metabolic sub-study. The new BMS drug, a protease inhibitor atazanavir or" Reyataz" looks very promising as a new tool to fight the HIV virus.

The World Health Organization was convened in Paris to coordinate efforts to establish a program that will provide surveillance of HIV mutations associated with drug resistance in developing countries. It is broadly understood both the supply of drugs to HIV infected individuals represents an urgent need world wide, and that the development of resistance viruses is an inevitable consequence of drug access, Hence, these two programs must proceed simultaneously. Indeed, drug adherence is stressed daily by Dr. Jemsek in his own practice here in Huntersville, N.C. The conference was held in scientific collaboration with the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition, Dr. Jemsek attended and presented data at the Mid-Summer Family Medicine Digest in Myrtle Beach, S.C. sponsored by the esteemed Dr. James McNabb of Lake Norman Family Practice and Program Chairman of the NC Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Jemsek presented two lectures first on Lyme Borrelisosis: A New Paradigm, followed by Emerging Infectious Diseases.

References: abstracts from the 2nd Annual IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment; July 2003 Paris France, Medscape, and Joseph Jemsek MD.

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