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From the excellent site: lymenet.org with my respect and thanks.

Narrator: "On LifeLine tonight: Lyme disease. In its normal form, it can be a devastating but curable illness but in a growing number of chronic cases - as many as 15,000 a year according to some experts - it can be extremely difficult to diagnose and virtually impossible to cure."

Narrator: "Here is NBC News Chief Science Correspondent Robert Buzzell."

(RB) "For Kathy Graysonin, even basic stretches can be a challenge. She was a healthy professional dancer until 12 years ago . But then began to suffer from exhaustion and severe joint pain."

(Kathy) "It was a fatigue like I have never known I would just have to stop and everything had to cease."

(RB) "Kathy was eventually diagnosed with a Chronic form of Lyme disease, a condition that is a Major and growing medical mystery."

(Dr. Brian Fallon): "If you Look back over the last two decades, there's been gradual but steady progression in the prevalence and the distribution of Lyme disease around the United States."

(RB): "Lyme disease is caused by bites from ticks that are found on mice and deer. The risk is heavily concentrated in wooded areas of the Northeast, MidAtlantic and upper Midwest, and has been spreading to most of the country"

(RB): "Most of the time a bite from an infected tick causes a rash and fever easily treated with antibiotics. But a big part of the mystery is how often and why a chronic infection occurs."

(RB): "That can explain why Kathy Graysonin's doctors told her she had other problems or that she was imagining it. "

(Kathy G): "I saw about 14 doctors and had MRIs done. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, potentially, lupus, mixed connective tissue disease, rheumatoid arthritis "

(RB): "Dr Brian Fallon of Columbia University Medical Center has discovered one common thread. About 70% of people with chronic Lyme disease have distinct abnormal blood patterns in their brain."

(Dr. Brian Fallon): "Anybody who has seen those images will say 'Wow, these patients aren't faking it, these patients have real disease.' "

(RB): "But another problem is doctors are not even sure how to treat it. Thanks to antibiotics and other treatments, Kathy Graysonin has recovered some of her strength and energy. But she knows full well that doctors still have a lot to learn about this life-altering disease."

Robert Buzell, NBC News, New York

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