Dr James Schaller
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Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry in Naples

Prolific Publishing Nationally & Internationally
Highly Creative Solutions in 16 Areas of Medicine
Unparalleled Laboratory Thoroughness

Consider Dr. James Schaller for your care for some clear and compelling reasons.

First, he is among the most published physicians in Florida, not merely SW Florida. He has published more than some hospital staffs combined. Publishing equals passion to heal, and shows someone is eager to make hundreds of hours of sacrifice to find new solutions. They are going to turn over every stone to get 100% relief for a patient, and then offer their solution to the world. Apparently many different editors want other physicians to learn these treatments both nationally and internationally.

Second, the idea that brain biochemistry is merely a matter of tossing someone a pill, and seeing them a few months later is obscene, simplistic and sterile. Dr. Schaller writes and studies in 16 areas of medicine because in 2005, we know the brain is affected by hundreds of factors. These include age-related hormone declines, stealth inflammation, environmental toxins from new construction, specific algae in irrigation ponds or lakes, life style, work or school struggles, nutrition deficits, metals, indoor mold or nasal staph biotoxins, relationship tensions, many forms of auto-immunity, troublesome core beliefs and missed infections due to poor lab quality, e.g., Lyme, Mycoplasma and Bartonella. Often more than one factor is involved.

Third, few physicians understand that many emotion struggles, such as anxiety, moodiness and sadness, due to hundreds of possible medical conditions are routinely missed with basic organ failure labs -- a few tubes of blood. Dr. Schaller has established laboratory testing protocols that are more comprehensive than the most famous hospitals in the United States. Literally, his staff must educate and communicate for hours with lab staff to be able to run them. These tests are backed by good academics and reasoning, but sometimes this material is still at the publisher being type set, or has not been read by extremely over-worked sincere physicians. A HMO/PPO business model, which puts money before people, indirectly or directly runs most medicine and often influences laboratory decisions. We appreciate that simplistic lab evaluations make sense if the patient is not you or a loved one. Dr. Schaller is only a fit for those who want an aggressive, complete and a thorough approach. He orders what he would get for a relative. But he also tries to work with you to find a comfortable approach to testing that fits you budget. Generally, Dr. Schaller is for people that do not want to take 1-30 years to find out the root cause(s) of their discomfort.

Finally, Dr. Schaller is highly personable. He could make more money by running a cold assembly line practice. But he does not want a practice where he cannot recognize your voice, and where he is unsure which "Mrs. Smith" or "Mr. Jones" is calling. He has a different vision and preference. He wants to provide personable friendly care that includes allowing patients the ability to reach him. He appreciates most people do not want to deal with an answering service or an office staff blocking access to him. He is available 24/7 to those under his care and he "covers" his own patients. You just pick up the phone and call his cell phone or beeper. Like it used to be in small towns many years ago! Or if you prefer email or faxes, he has two of each, to make sure he can get your message during severe storms. He has had this approachable style of practice his entire career.

We think this warm, creative, academic and broadminded private practice offers is a highly unique service in SW Florida. We hope you agree.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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