Dr James Schaller
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Advanced Cutting-Edge Academic Clinical Medicine in Naples

Below is a brief summary of one of most published medical practices in Florida, with 40 publications worldwide and books or articles in multiple languages. Our 1100-page free web site involves 16 areas of medicine.

  • Breast and prostate cancer prevention material
  • An anti-arthritis antidepressant (our patent is pending)
  • Unparalleled 21st century labs to prevent heart attacks, strokes and bone thinning
  • Dozens of custom & safe hormone replacement options for women and men
  • Sixteen pain formula innovations including published arthritis treatments
  • Cancer enzyme targeting
  • Nutritional purity research, COPD innovation and smoking addiction help
  • Highly advanced child and adult psychopharmacology
  • Indoor mold biotoxin diagnosis and treatment
  • Mystery illnesses like fibromyalgia, eccentric fatigue or unknown health changes

Our education site, www.personalconsult.com, has a million visitors a year.

We have just finished a 500-page book on common Biotoxins, and we are finishing Seventy Solutions to Out-of-Control Youth and Autism to Alzheimer’s: Neuron Injury and Repair.

We offer the means to decrease heart and joint surgery frequency, and our advanced academic child, adolescent and adult psychiatry services are published internationally. We have found solutions missed at Ivy League Medical Centers.

Consider our friendly, personable, low-volume practice with 24-hour availability.


James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, DABFM, BABPN, DABFE

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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