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A Morgellon Cause: Baby Worms
or Larval Helminthes?

I have watched the Morgellon "video" you sent with pictures on the skin manifestations, and was shocked to see this family in this terrible situation. I believe the pathogen in the pictures may be a larval helminthes. The parasite seen - in the introduction part of the video - passing through the skin, reminds me of cercaria. Cercaria are the larval form of Trematode parasites liberated from the intermediate host. They have a sperm-like morphology, which penetrates the skin very fast, and then transform into an adult worm. The penetration of cercariae, (frequently bifurcated in Schistosomiasis) causes transient dermatitis (swimmers = itch). They are in infected waters (small lakes, small rivers) just the kind of area shown on the video where the family went for vacation. This is a suggestion and of course one would have to identify the worm exactly.

If it is right, adequate therapy is available. They should receive an antihelmintic agent together with antibiotics as worms frequently infect together with bacteria.

The probability is very low that "Morgellon" infected tissue may pass through our customs, but there are many excellent helmintologists in the USA who will be able to identify the worm. With respect to the few data available one should remain careful for a final interpretation, but the possibility of a helminthiasis is strongly suggestive and one should consider it in the differential diagnosis.

If it were true, it would be catastrophic for this family to left untreated.

Dr. Judith Miklossy
Vancouver, Canada and Switzerland


My thanks to this doctor for offering ideas on the causality of these skin findings.

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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