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This person is the author of 25 books and 27 journal articles! OMG. And no surprise he treats folks from all over the world.

I feel he is an expert in many things including crippling fatigue, fibromyalgia, untreated Lyme disease, Babesia and Bartonella.

Lab work is huge if you have insurance — go find that at Mayo!

Jane Rosella

I have been to see over 40 physicians in many states for my severe fatigue.

No one has helped me as much as Dr. Schaller.

I was delighted he accepted me and that he loves challenges.

"Dr. J" is brilliant, creative, caring and flexible.

He was worth the plane trip, and now is following up and has me 85% back to normal.

J. Kennel, MD

This is an utterly amazing physician. He has treated four of my "impossible" or highly complex patients with success over time. Dr. Schaller is the rare fusion of a brilliant creative researcher and a caring motivated clinician.

I am now sending him relatives and friends from all over the country.

Now I find out most of his patients already come from all over the world in any season.

He has no need for fame or glamour, and perhaps that is why he keeps a low profile.

We are lucky to have this genius creative healer in our SW Florida area.

Lisa Strandler, RN

I have struggled with fatigue and aches for many years. I went to Mayo, the real Cleveland Clinic and Hopkins. They were sincere, ruled out some concerns like cancer, but were only good at telling me what was not wrong with me.

Dr. Schaller was a miracle to deal with—respectful, creative, broad reader and he loves helping the tough patient. Meaning, his very smart patients come to him first, but most like me have been to many others already and are profoundly frustrated, and perhaps mad.

In the waiting room, I met folks from Ohio, Canada and England. They came for him, not for the sun!

I actually am now back working about 32 hours part-time, and am getting back a life with my family and friends.

He fixed me and gave me my life back.

I once met a woman that was defaming him, because not ALL of his 25 books are cheap. Huh? She was so hostile and ill I wanted to stick an IV in her and some valium.

Some resent his passion, honesty about dated medicine and immense life saving drive, and do not know his funny, silly and warm side.

Barbara Boch

We flew to see Dr. Schaller after seeking help for many years for my children. Saw at least a dozen doctors who were 'experts' as I watched my kids slowly disintegrating and not able to attend school. He actually knows so much about Babesia and Bartonella that it was obvious from what I had read elsewhere, he was walking around with massive info under his thick head of hair. He has authored many books, and answered questions no one else appears to research.

My kids are now getting A's in school, healthy and live normally.

Was worth every second and cost to save their lives. The man is a maverick. He respects ideas, but proves them true, false or partially true.

Other doctor's actually come to see him; I met TWO in his office, as do folks from all over the world. No one came for a vacation, but Naples is a great place to travel and his staff was very helpful with all arrangements. If you care about your kids, or you yourself are sick, there is no one like him. Sorry, many fine docs around, but I am very biased.

This doctor has been treating many family and friends for years. The best physician we know. He is a passionate reader, inventor, creative and solves problems. He is the smartest and most caring healer we know. He has saved many of our lives. The trip was worth it.

We have been to top named physicians running medical societies, administrative academic physicians and respected medical centers and it seems Schaller is happy just to hide in Naples. Perhaps that is why we sometimes meet famous people in his office. He does not need attention or want fame and turns down speaking opportunities.

One warning: If you ever try to trouble him or threaten him, you will be terminated fast—he does not need the patients. One couple I know had an ill physician father insult him and Dr. Schaller just exited the conversation and the intake interview. He has no time for insulting fools with no insight. Yet he will happily answer fifty questions eagerly. He also has helped people in power [you do not think the intelligence service workers and their suburban living families never get sick do you? One contact fits this bill]. He also seems to treat many lawyers and keeps a massive file of the best lawyers and private investigators available.

Simply, consider a phone chat for 15-30 minutes to tell him your troubles and he will offer some ideas and look over labs. If for some reason outside my awareness, you do not click—find someone else.

Texas Terror

I delayed seeing him because a sick and wacho person told me he was not good. Therefore, I went to see many other health care people over 18 months. My daughter and I only got worse.

This doc was kind, funny, playful and sharp. He is very talented.

Frankly, I had given up and now we are 100% and 90% better and all our friends, family and teachers think we are just fine.

We are so pleased. They broke the mold with "Dr. J."

It took me some time to realize some people with various illnesses want the limited time of a full-time research person, who pays for his own full-time study, and they want it for cheap.

Some of these same people spent tons of time and money on clothes, cars, web sites, and other things.

They are ill and now I ignore them. Some hate the cream. Some hate those they cannot afford. I guess that is part of growing up or being mentally solid. You cannot have all you want. Moreover, a part-time researcher has only limited time.


I have been to many people for my fatigue.

It is now fully gone.

People write books, papers and have fatigue centers. James simply fixed me. No drama. No selling. He is serious and warm. I like the mix, but I really like being better.

I had started to be very concerned about disability. Now it is no concern.


Because of all his serious professional papers, I was expecting this stiff and formal physician. However, he is playful, warm and a sweet healer. He spent 2 hours with me. We have never spent that amount of time with any two physicians.

He found about six things on full laboratory tests, and now I am doing REALLY great.

Since he is always reading, and inventing stuff, he is not cheap. Only sees patients part-time.

Any nasty words do not go over well. My sister had some concerns and was not appropriate, and actually was insulting. He spent 90 minutes with her answering many questions and doing detailed labs and she resented the published and contracted fees. He referred her away but told her the full meaning of her lab results for FREE. His staff will help any day of week.

He is a fun smart doctor.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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