Dr James Schaller
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Prolific Mold Illness Physician

Dr. Schaller is the co-author of three books on Mold Illness or Sick Building Illness.

He is also a certified mold investigator and certified mold remediator—a rare training for any physician. This allows him to read reports and see flaws in minutes in both testing and remediation.

He also has continued to study as a full-time researcher the top material published in the last 30 years on mycotoxins. It is a vast amount of material.

This book is written with a top builder, remediator and ph.D. Biochemist—mycotoxins are biochemical agents.

If you want to read autobiography, this is the wrong book. It you want highly speculative unreplicated science, this is not the book for you. If you think fatigue and illnesses are all due to molds—find someone who only does one thing.

But this book is very powerful in its fast and clear ability to show the dangers of mycotoxins and the common errors sincere people make that harm them in structures with mold. It educated quickly and does not presume you have a week to read it.

Dr. Schaller is also a practicing clinician who serves patients from all over the world suffering from mold related illness, various causes of crippling fatigue and decreased functioning.

Here are some initial impressins of his practical and clear book.

Tremendous book with easy to read critical information on mold., May 7, 2006

By Louise C. "Louise C." (Tampa, FL)

As someone who has been "allergic" to mold my whole life and suffered horribly in any building with mold, this book helps the average person understand the how and why of mold effects on the body. It also gives detailed, specific information on how to detect mold, remediate a home or office and most important how to test people for the effects of mold exposure and what can be done to get healthy. I recommend anyone who has ever had any possible exposure to mold in a school, home or office get this book.

Mold does exist, February 5, 2006

By Joseph Colasante "Joseph" (Tampa, FL)

As someone who grew up with horrific mold allergies and had to live with the skin rashes, sinus infections and asthma that accompanied any exposure, I found Mold Illness Made Simple to be a wonderful, funny, enlightening book that helped me understand why mold so affected me and what I could do to be well in the future. Given that mold exists in many unsuspecting places like large stores, schools and even in our homes, I think anyone would benefit from reading this book.

Mold Illness Made Simple, February 1, 2006

By Maureen S. Ruth - See all my reviews

This book saved me from wasting $3,000 on some "special" filter my heater & AC guy wanted to sell me!

A wealth of knowledge on a pervasive problem.

Quality of Life Facts and Solutions, January 26, 2006

By Nancy Novak

The well laid out information in this book has improved the well-being of my family. It is a quick read containing invaluable facts and simple, cost effective solutions such as how to test for mold in the home, as well as the diagnostic codes needed to test for toxins in the body. Mold Illness Made Simple is an ideal resource for a young scholar wishing to learn more about science and the environment. The authors and illustrator are commended for their unique format.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful: Wake Up and Smell the Mold!!, January 23, 2006

By Scott A. Kreifels

Easy to follow information for adults too busy to read a large academic work. If you thought you knew everything about the air you breathe, think again and get the latest information of common ailments affecting you at work, home, and elsewhere.

I have personally and unknowingly dealt with massive mold exposure at my workplace, leaving me with a multitude of ill effects. This very nice overview has definitively enlightened me from a comical perspective. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know the facts in a concise format.

An Excellent Easy to Read Book, January 23, 2006

By J Krishnaa (Phoenix, AZ USA)

Gets the message across wonderfully. I highly recommend this book to anyone who may have mold illness, especially to the ones that are in denial. It is an excellent book for anyone who wants to educate themselves on mold and its ill effects on health.

Wonder why some of you got so sick in that new building?, January 21, 2006

By Paula M. Carnes "free lance medical reporter"

Dr. Schaller has taken a complex topic and made it simple. His career has involved working with children as a psychiatrist and working with victims of mold contamination and infection. This book combines the best of both worlds - the simplicity needed to explain things to adults without scientific backgrounds and the complexity of understanding what is going on in a body attacked by toxic mold.

Ever since a couple of us working in the same building came down with strange symptoms and had to leave our job I have wondered what we had in common. "Mold Illness Made Simple" explains what happened to us. It also gives good ideas on how to fix our problem and how to avoid toxic mold in the future.

So if you are wondering what hit you check out this book and see if you find the solutions you need.

Mold and Health plus tips on Mold Remediation, January 20, 2006

By Linda Brandt Rosen "Linda Brandt" (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

I am a mom with a child that has been very sick from mold toxin exposure. She is now well but remains quite sensitive to mold.

Because of my continuing concern, I've read about all there is to read about mold toxins and health. There is a great deal of conflicting information on the internet about mold and health. This color picture book for adults helps you quickly get the latest information. Topics include not only mold toxins and health, and but also useful, money saving tips on remediating your home.

The appendix is packed with detailed information for those who want to research issues in more detail.

Also could be called "Mold Remediation Made Simple", January 20, 2006

By John Rutger (Asheville, NC)

Comic book style format with a serious subject. Practical advice on Mold Remediation and treating Mold Toxin exposure.

A Must Read for Everyone, January 19, 2006

By R. Lloyd - See all my reviews

Toxic Mold Illness is real. Farmers, ranchers and Vets are cognizant and taking measures to prevent and treat toxic mold illnesses.

It's time we focus on humans, take this common health treat seriously, make it a household word as is the flu and take appropriate measures to protect ourselves, our children and loved ones before it's too late. If we have already been exposed to toxic mold with resulting symptoms this book will help you to understand your symptoms, why physicians are oft undertrained on effects of mold toxins and much more.

Dr. Schaller has condensed this complex, highly technical and scientific, mis-understood, oft mis-diagnosed and multifaceted health threat into a little over 100 pages using comic illustrations to present the facts in a clear and easy way to read to give you the knowledge you need.

I've read 100's of emails from people and spoken to desperate individuals for assistance with their undiagnosed multifaceted symptoms, unable to work, impaired cognitive function, their physicians (if they still have any insurance) are under trained on the effects of mold toxins and treatment is not effective. Children in schools are affected, have learning abilities, fatigue, asthma or allergies and oft given drugs that do not address the toxic molds in the schools which have caused their multiple symptoms.

I encourage everyone to take the time to read this book and share it with others.

Excellent Book on Mold Illness, January 18, 2006

By I. Kraut (Florida)

Dr. Schaller's book makes issues surrounding mold illness an excellent read for all those interested in Indoor Air Quality.

It is unusual to have a book written in a Common Sense form that appeals to any and all who are fortunate enough to buy and read this book.

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