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I watch the construction men hit a wall to see what shakes loose and then smell for mold. As if all toxic mold had an odor! Moving a board increases the chemicals on the mold growth area up to over 20,000 percent. Some of these are war chemicals! But many homeowners, who are too ill to know better, and too upset to think carefully, are rushing into buildings such as homes, businesses and schools with no advanced knowledge of what they are doing.

With a crow bar, a hammer, bleach, an electric saw and trivial masks, they "get to work. " And only make things worse.

It is not the mold you remove. It is the biotoxic mold you leave behind. And you do not even have to leave spores. You only need to leave chemicals from the mold spores.

Mold loves bleach. Loves it like some people love chocolate. Most building surfaces and the content of homes will not be able to be helped by bleach.

Hospital workers and local doctors are not trained in looking for the hundreds of mold toxin symptoms, from the wide variety of mold toxins.

Susan Ladika reports in American City Business Journal, that the mold inspection and removal businesses in Florida seem to be spreading nearly as quickly as the spores themselves, but state efforts to regulate the industry faltered in the latest legislative session.

According to one remediator she quotes, "Mold is unlike asbestos. If you remove asbestos, it doesn't come back, while mold can if you don't properly maintain the building and the building system" [Italics and bold-mine].

Many design errors are listed in our mold book, but one is as simple as the ability for moisture to come right through brick wall mortar. Many buildings have the wrong type. Or we try to "seal" a structure and use a barrier that does not breath, like synthetic wallpaper that allows moisture to collect behind a wall. I was involved in a top 500 Company with 20 employees sick by this error. The company was honorable and did a solid series of mold and bacteria samples, and then fixed the problem. They are not in Florida. Guess what the most common symptom was in these 20 people? Anxiety!

My impression is that Floridians are so used to water, high humidity and heat, that we are oblivious to the problem. Specifically, mold has not been in the consciousness of building construction or of our Florida medicine, and people are being hurt because of this ignorance.

If you look long enough, you can find an ignorant organization that says mold toxicity is uncertain. Where do they find these Martians? You can look at tables of a large variety of toxic molds and look up the toxin specifically in Medline or Pubmed and find vast research on each one. Our book has proved indoor biotoxin mold causes serious illness--not merely limited to "respiratory" troubles. It affects you from your brain to your toes. OK, maybe not always your toes.

My Best to Your Health!

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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