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Tampa Mold

A Little Naiveté Goes a Long Way to Hurt School Children, Home Owners & Workers

Two Minutes on What Grandma Never Knew

One of the dirty little secrets that is poorly known in Florida is we are a state that has many sources of animal and plant based toxins. They can make you tired, allow children to struggle with homework, or make you moody. I wish I could tell you your local physician would be able to test you for these problems, but they are not up on this cutting-edge medicine. They do not have the newest tools or labs.

First, we have different sources of algae all around us exposed to copper and pesticides, allowing toxic stronger algae to grow. That is why some feel worse near some areas of water. Red Tide is just one toxin from an algae-like creature, but many new algae are far more serious and cause serious illness without a single cough.

Second, I wonder about the black algae eating the limestone shingles on top of homes. But I have not researched them yet, but they certainly spray their spores.

Third, many homes in Florida are not truly being fixed correctly, and the construction staff cleaning them are beyond clueless. Let me be specific. If you want the best remediator in the USA, to check a building in terms of mold and bacteria (or any other toxin you are worried about) call the best in the USA -- Dr. R Lipsey in Jacksonville, Florida. He diagnoses the building; works out the insurance claims and makes the construction recommendations.

And we fix the bodies! And trust me, toxic molds "total the body." But most people walk around so massively foggy they cannot process this problem. The mold makes them bubba-dah. Indeed, their doctors are also sincere but utterly clueless. I was the king of clueless. So I poured thousands of hours into learning mold medical care, and why I helped author the best clinical medical mold book in print.

According to columnist, Patrick Whittle, in just Charlotte County alone, Hurricane Charley left as many as 33,000 homes with an expensive and potentially dangerous [mold] problem.

He mentions, Port Charlotte's Leroy Aldridge, who said mold is rampant in his Midway Boulevard neighborhood.

"There's mold in every house. They got mold in that one, they got mold across the street," Aldridge said, pointing at weather–beaten homes on Midway while describing efforts to eradicate the problem.

Mr. Whittle also talks of the error in trying to salvage porous property soaked from the water. Contaminated carpets, furniture and drywall need to be thrown out, he says. He is entirely right.

Simply, once water gets into an area of your home you have 48 hours to get it out.

I have seen person after person, walking around in a fog. It is not a PTSD-fog. It is a mold biotoxin fog. And at least tens of thousands of people, all over Florida, are being missed by health care workers; because the only symptoms folks in hospitals and primary care look for are respiratory complaints. No!

Mold toxins cause hundreds of symptoms. Hundreds!

And folks are walking around their homes pulling down this moldy board and using some bleach and a poor spore-reducing mask. It is a disaster, and no one is seeing the cognitive fog in the homeowners, students and employees. People are selling band-aids. They are very sincere. But they do not know what they are doing. And, in fact, most of Florida is clueless about mold remediation in terms of the best testing, the best insurance intervention expertise, the best construction intervention and how to fix a mold toxin filled body.

My Best Wishes to Real Help!

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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