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Indoor Mold: A Dirty Little Real Estate Secret

Angela and her husband bought a home in SW Florida about three years ago. Over time they noticed their son was having mild school trouble, was moody, and had modest attention and self-control issues.

Over years, the couple noticed they were more tired and less able to handle some of their own frustrations. Almost like a frog in a pot, with a one-degree increase each month.

They performed a simple eye exam that looks for subtle changes in brain functioning, not vision. This was not a regular eye exam. It can be used with folks that function well or poorly in their work or home, and have "normal" vision. It showed they were "negative" for biotoxins, but they still missed a number of the eye tests—they need to be followed up on.

They also sent 2 tablespoons of dust from their vacuum to a lab and found they had biotoxic mold in their home. It was behind one dry wall panel.

They sent the dust samples from their vacuum to:

Quality Microbiology Services, Inc.
18017 Sky Park Circle
Suite G
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: 949 660 0698
Fax: 949 660 0697
Email: info@qmslab.com
Website: www.qmslab.com

This lab will grow out most major illness producing indoor molds in a week. The cost to grow them out in three different media is approximately $125.00 and the code is 105-C.

Yet, I strongly suggest you also ask for "speciation" which costs 90.00 extra, for a total of 215.00. The reason for speciation is some types of mold are safe, and others will make you sick. So just knowing if it is "Aspergillus" is not enough detail. The code for three media and speciation is also 105-C, but add the word "speciation" to check for types of Aspergillus, Penicillium and Cladosporium. Tell them they can pick the three species for speciation based of toxin vulnerability--they do this anyway. IF YOU SEND TWO SAMPLES, YOU GET A MUCH BETTER RESULTS--ONE OF DUST AND ONE OF AN AIR SAMPLE, THEY ARE DISCOUNTED TO 175.00 EACH. An "Air Sample" can be the air filter for the intake ducts in home, a portable hepa outer filter that has dust, or the entire house dust filter. if disposable, just send entire air filter.

So if you mail off a dust sample, you will have some basic data to know if you have mold in your home, the home of a loved one or a home you want to buy.

They also offer large postage clear tape sample inspections. You can tape some select places on a potential property of interest, e.g., the AC intake duct filter, any areas of past moisture, and moldy looking dry wall if exposed. These are cheaper and will allow a lab expert to look at spore types and mold branches to identify the mold types generally.

The dirty little secret of Florida real estate is that 99.9% of those buying and selling real estate really do not understand that the most sensitive test for indoor mold illness is human response!

Most home inspectors have no 2005 advanced understanding on indoor mold. For starters they cannot do lab testing that tests the human response. Also, most home and building "remediation," does not understand that if 1% of the spores are left or carried by the ventilation system, you still can be ill from exposure to the building. Just recall that any school, home or business that has prolonged high indoor humidity exposure or water intrusion not cleaned up in 72 hours, is at high risk for indoor mold with toxic spores and toxic chemicals on the spores.

I am seeing many elite buildings, respected schools, and lovely homes with individuals getting ill from indoor mold. Indeed, 25% of the USA population has trouble removing the biotoxins from mold. They are the people that are especially vulnerable. And also only a few doctors know about the genetics and full body effects of biotoxic mold, the chemicals that are making these adults or children not feel right. Why? They are not trained yet about indoor mold biotoxins, and are too busy just trying to pay for their massive malpractice, overhead and trying to offset poor insurance payments.

To Your Health,

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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