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Toxic Mold & New Construction:
Sometimes They Go Together

My buddy Mickey was driving along the street in his big truck last week. As I looked over at Mickey, I noticed he had a huge collection of dry wall that he was taking to a new home construction site down the road. The problem that flustered me is this: why do they call it "dry wall" when it is not covered up and is soaked by the rain in the back of Mickey's truck?

Now I have seen stacks of this dry wall at other new home areas. And they are often outside and often get significant rain. Then while damp the "dry wall" is put up on the house by Mickey's cousins, including the outer walls where there appears to be no ventilation. I suppose folks make a wish that no mold grows on them. Of course if it did, it would be sealed before anyone would notice.

In visiting the homes being constructed it is unclear to me why so many are wet inside, even after the roof is on the structure. The framing is wet, the floors are wet, and the entire place seems to have a 90% plus humidity level. In this environment I do not see why mold would not grow. It has water, and paper or wood, and plenty of dust carried in by wind and workers.

And if the home ends up with no mold after Mickey has his way, you might have an owner who is as stupid as me. We have tubs and work tubs with no idiot valves -- I do not know the real word but the hole that water flows into safely just before overflowing. On three occasions I have been paged or called as I was filling a water structure... Yes, I flooded them. And not merely a little flood either -- we are talking Arc needed. So you see, when I fog out, it is an Ali knock out!

So what if you did not know about mold? You were a normal person with other things to do, like go to work and care for you children? In other words, you had not just co-authored a book on mold and were a casual owner, or an ill owner, or one who was away visiting relatives when a leak started? You might not clean up the water 250% in 48 hours. You might get indoor mold.

This home might be the one you want to buy. The home might only be a year old, clean as a whistle with new styling, and yet it has mold.


Because all an indoor toxic mold needs is three days and some type of paper, cardboard, dry wall, wood dust or wood, to be off and growing. And once started, your ventilation system carries the toxic spores to the entire home.

If you are building a new home, watch how they handle leaks and water intrusion. If you are buying someone else's home, have written in the contract that the purchase depends on a quality mold evaluation reporting the home is without toxic mold.

To Your Health & a Truly Happy Home!

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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