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Michele is a smart real estate developer from Georgia, and asked to have her serious missed diagnosis mentioned to others. It is happening to other people.

The bottom line is that most docs are being sued to death, have massive overhead, worry the Gestapo State Boards or DEA may ask about someone's care, and therefore have a hard time keeping up with cutting-edge medicine. Who cares?

Well it caused Michele to go through the long process of Bariatric surgery and all the massive life change that involves. It was not necessary.

Michele has genes that do not allow her to excrete biotoxins optimally. This is present in 25% of Americans.

When we say "biotoxins" we are not talking about an oil spill, nor the fragrant smell in a grocery store detergent aisle. We are talking about a biologically made toxin that is carried in a modest number of organisms to help them survive against other competitors. Samples include special nasal staph bacteria, red tide, certain algae; some algae-like organisms called dinoflagellates, Lyme bacteria, Babesia and some spiders.

Again who cares?

Simply, I examined a few special tests in Michele. First, her genes showed she was poor at removing biotoxins of all types. Biotoxins in her body would then just float around and cause inflammation, which causes insulin resistance. Also, biotoxins cause leptin resistance -- you can walk and eat salad and still not lose weight. Simply, you start gaining weight. And little works except perhaps very extreme exercise.

Michele also has a very low MSH, a brain hormone that is associated with either inflammation or biotoxins. If you have low amounts you have trouble with good sleep, your inflammation may increase, and your endorphins go down. Your endorphins go so low, that folks do all sorts of unhelpful things to try to bump them up--so they feel right. Some drink, do drugs, work impulsively, sexually act-out, enjoy raging or exercise to the point of digesting protein. Some eat, and then they eat some more. Some do not need to eat; they are so inflamed or filled with leptin producing biotoxins that it does not matter if they eat a leaf. Folks do all these things and may eat excessively because it is the only time they feel right. So they keep doing it. They are certainly not crazy. We have just been too limited as scientists and doctors to realize they were on to some serious science. But they were using the wrong "treatments" to fix themselves.

Where were Michele's biotoxins coming from? She took her lovely large old home's vacuum cleaner and three air duct samples, and sent them for mold testing. She was stunned to find she had very high amounts of biotoxic mold in her home.

And then she mentioned she was from Upper New York -- no skyscrapers in those woodsy areas. New York is one of the largest Lyme states in the US. (A state that has a governor and a medical state board that attacks the leading Lyme experts in their state -- so medical liberty and choice are undervalued).

On some specialized labs, Michele came back positive for Lyme. Now, this was not one of the 42 labs that have been found to be incapable of reliably finding positive Lyme samples when the bacteria is leaping out of the tube. It was a good lab.

The bottom line is very simple. So simple it makes you want to cry.

She had biotoxins from her lovely home and from the Lyme. These biotoxins could not be removed by her liver or by antibodies. So they caused inflammation and plugged up leptin, and caused her to be resistant to insulin and leptin. She began to grow increasingly overweight, and ultimately she became morbidly overweight. Her biotoxin damage dropped her MSH and caused many other problems, including a decrease in her natural endorphins. Only a few physicians in the USA are aware of this new medicine and these labs, and it is part of our 600-page book, filled with many powerful case examples and lab order codes for doctors. It is coming out in early March.

Michele is now getting treatment and has lost 35 pounds. This is not weight lost due to the Bariatric surgery, since she had lost weight 145 pounds from that, and gained back 35 pounds. This is weight loss from indoor mold and Lyme treatment, and biotoxin removal treatment that includes restoring genetic and hormonal balance. Hardly something done in a 5-10 minute routine doctor visit.

Thank you Michele for wanting to help others!

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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