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Mold "Experts" and Real Mold Experts

I had three interesting events this month watching one of the leading American mold experts follow behind the work of poor mold evaluators. Mold evaluators are a dime-a-dozen and most are not worth a dime. Look at three cases that I have dealt with and please see the contrast of a nationally ranked Dr. Lipsey compared to other experts. In writing this I do not mean that Dr. Lipsey opposes all other practitioners. My concern is the low percentage I am finding that are competent.

    A company had a chief officer with a "friend" who has a mold evaluation company who also does mold remediation. The company has a very lovely web site. The company missed all the sources of mold in multiple buildings. Specifically, in every building and in every room, they missed the mold and they also missed some massive levels of bacteria that make endotoxins that were in multiple sites. But like I said, they have a pretty web site and are friends with one of the company officers.
    Another patient ignored my request to use a solid mold evaluator, Dr. Lipsey, and hired yet another company who also had a fancy web site. My screen testing found some toxic molds and bacteria. But instead of following my advice, as they both are getting obese from likely mold toxin exposure, they found a "better" expert.

    1. This supposed "expert" did not look for bacteria even though there were a few moist areas.
    2. He only gave estimates of mold and did not look for them. His perfect symmetric numbers in his report are impossible.
    3. He reported that he swabbed and sampled a previously wet basement and did not find a single mold spore -- even a safe one! Unbelievable sloppy or fake work was performed here. All homes have at least some safe and common molds. Other experts have routinely found a wide range of safe and toxic molds in their general area. He reports an entirely sterile basement.
    4. He ignored the fact the home is presently generating toxic mold and bacteria, and there is water intrusion in at least two places. For example, the kitchen had three (3) times more mold in the air as the outside air and the crawl space had two (2) times more mold in the air.
    5. The samples were not performed properly and not even with NIOSH methods and materials to make the results meaningful.
    The patient rents from one of his best friends. The home is thirty-five years old and has had its share of adventures. Tom, who is the owner, called in a golf buddy to do the "expert" evaluation and remediation. The "expert," Anthony, found mold in a wall and removed the rotting moldy wood, and scrapped it down to the "fresh wood." He then painted it a lovely eggshell color and it looked good as new. Tom got the good news from Anthony that all was "all fine now."

    The renter, Paul, at my request, decided to do some basic sampling, which was carried out according to my instructions. These showed clear and diverse known toxic molds. After four months of trying to have them get Dr. Lipsey in, Paul and his wife finally admitted that they were increasingly foggy and neurologically slowed as each month passed. Since they lived in "Lyme country" in New York, in one of the highest Lyme infested counties in the state, they thought all their symptoms were Lyme. They were tested and found to have Lyme, but I felt they had both going on.

    Finally, after my twentieth appeal, and I am not kidding, they had Dr. Lipsey come in. The variety of mycotoxins and endotoxin bacteria in the home was staggering. Their home was a full-blown toxic mold green house. It was so bad they had to rent a trailer, while the home was remediated.

    I spoke to a lawyer this month that mentioned he was using Dr. Lipsey. I asked if he had any opinion and he said, "He seemed nice." I explained that he had lucked out, and that he had someone with exceptional national level abilities and he was more than just "nice." If this lawyer knew more than 9th grade biology he could look at Dr. Lipsey's massive CV and see the gentleman, who has over 30 years active experience, is at the top of his field.

Conclusion on Mold Evaluators & Remediation Experts

All experts are not the same. Just like in sports. We find one Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

I was not asked to write this, but I do believe in giving honor to those worthy of honor. Dr. Lipsey is helping many of my patients a great deal all over the USA.

If you want to heal your body from mold toxins, start with "healing" the building.

To Your Health!
Dr. J.

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