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Indoor Mold Toxin Exposure
Does it Hurt Your Immune System and Neurons?

A study was done at many centers to explore the many complaints of patients exposed to water damaged buildings.

The authors did a wide range of testing and interviewing of the patients -- not merely the structures they worked in. A total of 209 adults were involved in this study, with an average age in the early 40's.

Sample Key Findings

  1. The molds-exposed patients reported a greater frequency and intensity of symptoms.
  2. The patients had marked neurological and inflammatory symptoms, in contrast to some simplistic beliefs that mold toxins magically stop at the nose or lungs.
  3. Specific immune system abnormalities very diverse and included autoimmune labs. They found abnormally high levels of ANA, ASM, and CNS myelin antibodies and Peripheral nerve myelin antibodies were found. The results were statistically significant.
  4. And to highlight, the indoor mold exposed patients had positive antibodies against their own nerve fatty outer coatings, the myelin sheath, in brain and spine nerves, and also nerves throughout the appendages.
  5. The authors conclude that exposure to indoor mixed molds and their toxins in water-damaged buildings leads to multiple health problems involving the entire nervous system and the immune system.
  6. While these mold toxin exposed pateints had higher rates of pulmonary effects and allergies, it was not limited to these organs.
  7. In conclusion, the mold-exposed pateints were clearly sicker in most or all areas tested, when compared to the non-mold control group.

So mold exposure also initiates inflammatory processes, increases autoimmunity and hurts brain and peripheral body nerves.

Gray MR, Thrasher JD, Crago R, Madison RA, Arnold L, Campbell AW, Vojdani A. Mixed mold mycotoxicosis: immunological changes in humans following exposure in water-damaged buildings. Arch Environ Health. 2003;58:410-20.

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