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Exceptional Mold and Toxicology Services:
Lipsey and Associates Endorsed by Dr. Schaller

Lipsey & Associates, Inc., is a proven leader in the toxicology and environmental industries. For over 29 years, Dr. Richard Lipsey has worked closely with Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and concerned individuals worldwide to provide scientific solutions for creating healthy environments in homes, offices, and in the workplace.


Lipsey & Associates provides

  • Expert witness services for plaintiff and defense
  • National authority on mold exposure and mold-poisoning syndrome
  • Onsite inspections/sampling of laboratories, offices, factories, and homes for mold and chemical exposure
  • Research of personal injuries that result from chemicals, mold, drugs, or alcohol
  • Training for professionals and government representatives
  • Analysis of chemical labels, warnings, and MSDS sheets
  • Review of federal and state regulations

His Experience

  • Poison Control Center, University of Florida, SHANDS Medical Center, JAX (1991-present).
  • Guest lecturer in environmental law, Florida Coastal School of Law (1999-present)
  • Contract instructor, University of North Florida, teaching toxicology and OSHA standards for hazardous materials management (1998-present)
  • Vice president of Research and Development, KENCO Chemical and Manufacturing Corporation (1980-1986). Developed new pesticide products; improved quality control, safety, and environmental regulations; and managed lawsuits.
  • Associate professor, University of Florida (1976-1980). Taught pesticide environmental hazards—especially to applicators and field workers. Served as the liaison professor with, and consulted for, the USDA, EPA, and the US State Department (AID) nationally and internationally.
  • State Pesticide Chemical Coordinator (Florida), University of Florida (1976-1980). Taught recognition and treatment of toxic chemical poisoning to the major state hospitals.
  • Field research and development, Velsicol Chemical Corporation (1974-1976). Conducted studies throughout Florida, Georgia, and across the Midwest.
  • Field research and development, Chemagro Chemical Corporation (1972-1974). Conducted studies across the Midwest.
  • Consultant for site assessment and remediation, state and federal agencies: EIS, BA, HAZMAT (1972-present).
General Resume


  • Ph.D., Toxicology, University of Illinois (1972)
  • M.S., Entomology, University of Arkansas (1968)
  • B.S., Biology, Eastern Michigan University (1963)


  • Faculty, American Academy of Environmental Medicine
  • Environmental Protection Board, City of Jacksonville
  • Toxicology Advisory Committee, University of Florida Medical Center
  • Instructor, Toxicology and Hazardous Chemicals, University of North Florida
  • Poison Control Center, University of Florida Medical Center
  • Adjunct Professor, Environmental Law, Florida Coastal School of Law
  • Peer reviewer of journals for the American Cancer Society and The American College of Toxicology

Current Responsibilities

  • Investigations of chemically contaminated properties and personal injury
  • Onsite inspections and sampling
  • Analysis of chemical labels and warnings
  • Evaluation of compliance with federal and state regulations
  • EIS and biological assessments

Professional Affiliations

  • Adjunct Professor, Toxicology and OSHA hazardous materials, University of North Florida
  • Adjunct professor, Florida Coastal School of Law
  • American College of Toxicology
  • Society of Toxicology
  • Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Peer Reviewer for Manuscripts
  • Florida Association of Environmental Professionals
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association
  • National Safety Council lecturer of hazardous waste/toxicology, OSHA Regulation
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • International Society of Indoor Air Quality
  • American Registry of Professional Entomologists in Toxicology
  • Board of Directors, International Institute for the Advancement of Science
  • Advisory Committee, Biological Assessment for the Kahulai Airport
  • National Pest Control Association
  • Expert, Hawaiian EIS/BA/site assessment/HAZMAT/FAA
  • Hawaii Department of Transportation, Airport Division

For a look at his full CV and endorsements and exceptional training, please go to: www.richardlipsey.com or contact him at rllipsey87@aol.com to arrange a consult.

He is considered the best of the best, and respected as a leader throughout the United States in the areas listed above.


Dr. J

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