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Suits filed against Florida school boards

Washington Times newspaper, March 3, 2004

WASHINGTON, March 2 (UPI) -- The law firm of Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & Le Clainche Tuesday announced it had filed 11 suits over alleged toxic mold in two Florida schools.

The suits were filed against the Charlotte and Sarasota County school boards and contractors and builders by parents who assert their children got sick as a result of the school systems' failure to address mold problems.

These are the first major suits on mold in schools on Florida's west coast, but are preceded by similar suits in Broward County.

In April 2003, a Broward County grand jury issued a report condemning the Broward School District for lagging in its efforts to get rid of mold. The county responded by launching a comprehensive remediation program but still was sued by parents concerned with their children's health.

State Sen. Skip Campbell of Coral Springs has introduced a legislative bill to make Broward's program mandatory statewide.


Dr. Schaller has found that many schools turn off the AC in August, grow a green house of mold, and then turn on the AC and disperse the mold spores all over everything in the school. Add to this the junk systems installed and worthless maintenance with poor filters, not the good MERV 1 disposable dust filters, and you have millions of sick children at school.


Dr. Schaller cannot conform or deny the merits of any sentence made above. He is unable to confirm the truth of any statement from a third party source.

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