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Dogs Become Profoundly Ill In A
Single Home From Mold Toxins

We have all heard about the smart miners who used a canary to help warn of fatal gas. None mocked this practice that likely saved many lives. And below we discuss mammals -- dogs. In fact, dogs are used to test the physiology of human drugs in medical school.

At the Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts University, mold toxins, specifically tremorgenic mycotoxins, affected all 4 dogs from a single household. Mold toxins that cause muscle tremors, trouble with walking, and seizures are called tremorgenic mold toxins.

They proved that it was these poisons by analyzing the stomach content of one dog. The mold toxins they found in the animals stomach were penitrem A and roquefortine. These come from Penicillium. They helped the animals by: limiting the further absorption of the toxins, controlling the neurological injury and sickness they experienced. Specifically, controlling their tremors and seizures with medications that included pentobarbital, a barbiturate.

It is amazing that some insurance company hired expert "prostitutes" have the guts to say that mold cannot make toxins that effect more that the nose and lungs. In these mammals, two of the affected dogs required ventilatory support to stay alive! These dogs received better care than most humans exposed to toxic mold, and were given early aggressive treatment. They survived.

Boysen SR, Rozanski EA, Chan DL, Grobe TL, Fallon MJ, Rush JE. Tremorgenic mycotoxicosis in four dogs from a single household. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2002;221:1441-4, 1420.

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