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Relief For Biotoxin-Related Illness Victims Is On The Way! Surge In "Chronic Diseases" Caused By Organic Toxins Requires New Approach To Helping Patients Get Better

Pick up the morning newspaper or flip on the evening news, and the numbers jump out at you:

"5 Million Now Struggling With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"
"Chronic Lyme Disease Toll - At Least 1 Million Americans"
"Sick Building Syndrome - More Than 3 Million Affected"

If you're like many Americans today, you've probably noticed that a lot of people around you seem to be struggling with "chronic" ailments marked by a distinctive grouping of symptoms, including fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, pain in joints, abdominal cramps, sensitivity to bright light, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating and short-term memory lapses. As a family practice physician, I've been surprised to hear so many patients ticking off these same symptoms during the past few years ... after telling me how they were recently diagnosed with such vague and difficult to pin down diseases as "chronic fatigue syndrome," "chronic Lyme disease," "sick-building syndrome" and even "fibromyalgia" (a catch-all term for an ailment that may not be a distinct entity).

When large numbers of patients first began showing up in my Maryland medical practice with these repeated complaints about five years ago, I was baffled as to the cause of their illness. Some of these suffering and demoralized patients did, indeed, appear to be struggling with a form of Lyme disease that never went away . . . regardless of the number of antibiotics and other medications doctors prescribed for them. But it was also true that many other patients with the Lyme-like symptoms described above clearly were not infected with the bacterium (Borrelia) that causes Lyme disease. What was going on here?

Scratching my head, I asked myself: Was there perhaps an invisible connection that linked these symptoms to a disease mechanism we didn't understand? Fascinated, I went to work. It took me two years of steady research and hundreds of interviews with patients before I finally began to unravel the medical mystery at work behind all these endlessly repeating symptoms. The invisible link was "biotoxins" - poisonous chemical compounds that travel with impunity through the human body. These tiny molecules shuttle from nerve to muscle to brain to sinus to G.I. tract and other organs in a continual circuit, while triggering the symptoms we define as "biotoxin-related illness."

As recent research clearly demonstrates, the compounds are manufactured by a growing number of microorganisms that have begun thriving in our ecosystem. While some are genetically altered products of the Chemical Age, others were spawned by changes in the human ecosystem . . . such as the recent expansion of the suburbs into the countryside, which brought increasing numbers of humans into contact with the deer ticks that spread Lyme disease. Although the ecological dynamics responsible for the surge in biotoxin-producing "bugs" are complex, the bottom-line results can be easily understood.

They tell us, quite simply, that toxin-forming microorganisms have brought a new kind of disease into our world - a pathology in which bacteria, fungi, algae and other tiny organisms have "learned" how to manufacture toxins that linger on in the human body, long after the organisms themselves are dead. These disease agents vary considerably, depending on climate and other variables. Some (such as the bacterium that causes Lyme) inhabit the bodies of carriers (deer ticks, in this case), before ending up in the tissues of their human victims . . . where they manufacture toxins that cause debilitating illness. Other toxin-forming bugs such as the fungi (Stachybotrys and others) that cause "sick-building syndrome" and the blue-green algae (Cylindrospermopsis and Microcystis) now poisoning animals and humans alike in the lakes of central Florida and elsewhere do their work at a distance, by releasing their toxins into the air or water.

The pathogens may differ, but the biotoxins they produce all do their damage by setting off an "exaggerated inflammatory response" in humans. While hiding out in fatty tissues where blood-borne disease-fighters can't get at them, they "trick" the body's immune system for fighting germs into launching attacks of inflammation in many organ systems, including joints, muscles, nerves and brain. Increasingly, there is evidence to show that these attacks are carried out by a newly discovered group of molecules, the "proinflammatory cytokines," and that the devastation they cause is clearly linked to recent surges in the rates of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Much more research is needed, of course. Nonetheless, the recent findings about inflammatory disorders caused by biotoxin-driven cytokines do seem likely to challenge our understanding of the body's "immune system" in the years immediately ahead, while also forcing us to reevaluate much of our currently accepted medical practice. At the same time, these provocative discoveries will require medical researchers to confront the grim possibility that these organisms have "figured out" how to skew our basic immune responses. How? By targeting them with powerful toxic molecules that can wreak havoc on the body's system for protecting itself from disease.

Written by Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D., with my thanks and permission.

Consider looking at his web site for two tests of biotoxin illness -- a special clinical questionnaire and the visual contrast sensitivity test. Before doing the special visual test, which is not like an eye doctor test, you will be asked clinical questions—these are useful to see if you are having symptoms. And then you can do the visual test—the VSCT. So that is two screen tests that do not involve lab studies. His site is chronicneurotoxins.com

Now both of us are doing comprehensive lab studies for biotoxin illness that include gene evaluation and biotoxin genetic vulnerability.

Be careful on your final reading of the visual contrast sensitivity test—whether you are positive or negative. Some folks do not come up positive, due to it being done on a computer screen, and also because their specific biotoxin illness is picked up better on some other special lab test. But if you are positive, you are in need for a clear and prompt intervention. Call Dr. Shoemaker in Maryland or me, or buy your progressive physician our book.

Our special comprehensive labs are covered by your routine insurance, and are listed in our new book on all biotoxins. The book is listed at the top and bottom of this page.

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