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The Miracle of Mushrooms

As a physician I was trained to rely on drugs and surgery as the principle means of treating my patients. Unfortunately in medicine, doctors cure almost nothing. We merely treat the symptoms of diseases, sometimes successfully, many times not. As I've become more involved in the field of complementary medicine, I have come to realize the tremendous healing powers available in nature. In recent years, I have become particularly intrigued by the medicinal benefits of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are part of the fungus kingdom. There are numerous compounds found in mushrooms that have potent medicinal properties.

Within mushrooms are compounds known as alpha- and beta-glucans. These glucan products are long-chain polysaccharide molecules, basically consisting of thousands to even millions of glucose molecules that are chemically bound together. The beta-glucan compound appears to have tremendous positive effects in enhancing immune function in humans. The beta-glucans have been found in laboratory studies to activate the production of immune cells including the T-cells and natural killer (NK) cells which can fight against bacterial and viral infection and even cancer. A healthy immune system is the key to staying healthy.

When the immune system fails, cancer and infections increase and/or become more life threatening. Infections and cancer combined kill a similar amount of people each year when compared to heart disease.

There are many different forms of mushrooms. The shiitake mushroom is probably the best known and widely studied of all the medicinal mushrooms. Another medicinal mushroom is known as cordyceps. Cordyceps mushroom extract has been shown to be effective against various bacteria. Extract of cordyceps has also been used to increase physical stamina. It is reported that in the Chinese National Games in 1993, this mushroom came to the attention of the world's sporting authorities. A group of nine women athletes who had been taking cordyceps were said to have shattered nine world records.

Maitake is another medicinal mushroom, found growing on oak trees throughout the temperate regions of the world. Maitake mushroom extract has likewise shown to stimulate production of T-cells in the blood.

Another potent mushroom extract is that of Reishi. This mushroom has been known since the earliest recorded medical texts in China over 3000 years ago. It is used primarily as an immune system enhancer.

I am happy to announce that Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI) has now launched a whole series of immune enhancing mushroom extracts. Not only do we have standardized mushroom extracts of cordyceps, reishi, maitake and shiitake, but we also have combination formulas.

Our ImmunoLiftš formula contains 300 mg of standardized shiitake extract, 300 mg of standardized maitake extract along with 100 mg of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and 500 mg of vitamin C (Ester-C form) per two capsule serving. We also have three additional new immune enhancing products known as MGC-5™, MGC-6™ and MGC-7™.

All three of these products contain all four of these standardized mushroom extracts discussed above at a total of 1,000 mg per serving of two capsules. In addition, MGC-5 contains an additional 100 mg of pure beta 1, 3-D glucan which clinical trials have shown to enhance immune function. Be aware that many alleged beta glucan products on the market are not 100% pure and may only contain 1% or less of beta glucan.

Our MGC-6 product contains all of the above along with L-theanine which is an extract of green tea. This is a powerful antioxidant and also has some calming properties as well. Recent studies indicate L-theanine also has immune system benefits. Finally, our MGC-7 contains everything in MCG-6 plus 100 mg of CoQ10. When you compare the amount of active and standardized ingredients in these products to other immune products on the market, you will find you get double the active ingredients for about half of the cost.

Do not underestimate the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. The mushroom extracts, CoQ10, Ester-C, beta-glucan and L-theanine should play an important part of your daily supplement regimen.

By Allen S. Josephs, M.D.
Double Boarded Neurologist and Internist

Reprinted with permission and appreciation

I have routinely been checking the cells the body uses to attack cancer cells--natural killer cells. We all have genetic errors daily that cause abnormal cells. When I check the natural killer cell level in patients, the cells that kill your cancer, and only 1/3 show up above the lowest 33 percentile.

BEFORE BUYING ANY MUSHROOM OR IMMUNE PRODUCT, LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS, DOSE, STANDARDIZATION AND PRICE. Do not merely buy one of hundreds of "immune formulas" without looking at the label and knowing what you are taking.

If you want cheap and simple consider MGC 5. I use it.
If you also want some anxiety help, consider MGC 6
If tired and have no anxiety trouble consider MGC 7



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