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Dr. Nichols first noticed his severe migraines in the 80's. He could not believe the severity of his pain. When it came on "He wished he was dead." He was a powerful and intense type A personality. He was successful at all he did, generally just because he worked his tail off. Someone easy for me to relate to, and someone eager to do all that he needed to get better.

In his city there were four renowned headache experts. In the first year, he had seen all at least 8 times, and all their medications merely helped 20%--at best. Then he started to travel and went to the leading neurology centers in the USA and had every test you could imagine. SPECT scans, PET scans, CT's, MRI's and X rays done and repeated. All medications tried never helped more than 15020% and never over 6 weeks.

As most of you know, he did not use any single class of medications over 2 days a week to prevent a worsening rebound or transitional headache from excess pain medication -- headache pain is unlike all other pain types.

After twelve years he came to me and he has been to see 25-35 physicians in various fields over the past-extended decade. He asked for my help to rethink his problem and "think outside the box -- the box has failed!" You are a clinical RESEARCHER and creative -- so research and create. Please!" He was really a great doctor. Of course I was going to try to do all I could. I wish I could say our first alley lead us to the cause and the solution. It did not, but we started learning new information.

Finally, we started to rethink the entire problem. For example, he had two relatives who also had migraines. We pondered the idea that perhaps this was not fully due to shared genetics, but shared vulnerability to other problems. One relative had a profoundly bizarre personality. I do not say that to insult the guy, and heaven knows I am eccentric, it was he did not fit into any personality trend and the way he thought was off.

What if he had a metabolic problem that was missed, inflaming the brain and making him eccentric? Indeed, he was found to have a Positive ANA, which means he had antibodies to his own cells. He also had a high Epstein Barr, which we all have, but his was huge, like he was losing a battle in the immune war. His natural cancer killer cells were also low. Why? What was stressing and beating the immune system?

We tested his sister who was very narcissistic and irritable in ways that did not fit depression or PMS excess brain fluid which we had excellent success treating. Her hormones were all over the place. Something was messing with the brains central hormone control system.

Finally, we had Dr. Nichol's blood and urine sent to two tick specialty labs, and a second set was sent blind under an alias and paid for in cash, so not to defraud an insurance company. They both came back as being positive for Lyme and intracellular Babasia -- the very mild American form. The controls yielded identical results.

While we waited for the test results, his brother had a stroke. He regained function fully, and any appeal to have him checked for Lyme and other tick borne infections was markedly mocked in the most insulting manner. All this confused me, since I was known as having tuned many of the nurses and doctors in the county and the guy for "impossible cases." They basically spit on my shoes. Having read their literature, I understand that they are being told to avoid a Lyme witch-hunt. Of course the fact is that Lyme and many other tick borne infections are leading infections in every state. We are not talking about something rare! Even the ultra slow and conservative CDC says it is the number one vector carried illness in the USA. And Dr. Nichols lives in a community with plenty of wild mice and deer.

In rehab, after the stroke his brother was tested using a standard junk ELISA titer and Western Blot. They came back negative as they usually do, since cheap and since research shows they miss solid positives repeatedly. Weeks later, he was tested at another tick specialty lab, and was found to be positive for Lyme, Bartonella and Mycoplasma.

As you can guess, the genetic migraines, ended up being at least in part, a shared infection, and all three lost their headaches over 18 months. Lyme causes every neurology illness that exists. Period.

Some migraines have nothing to do with Lyme. But do not let a junk lab rule it out if you stay sick and are not getting better.

But Lyme kills and so do migraines. Many poor patients die from migrainous stroke. The World Health Organization ranks migraine as one of the top twenty causes of years of healthy life lost to disability. And migraine is but one headache disorder--all headache disorders together cause at least double the disability of migraine alone."

Migraines affect approximately 32 million Americans. How many have Lyme? No one knows.

To Your Health!! And the Loss of Pain!

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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