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Maximizing Emotions & Feelings

Some Sample Causes of Decreased Energy

  1. Age Related Hormone Changes in Hormones involved in energy -- natural testosterone and natural thyroid (Thyroid can test "normal" but be too low in normal range). If you have only been tested with a total Testosterone or by a single TSH lab test you have not been tested optimally.
  2. Home and Outdoor Environment issues -- high temperatures and humidity over 50% is a mold factory. Our plants grow like weeds. So does the mold. My web site has an entire article on the basics of allergies. Some material is very poorly known by good physicians -- see "Basic allergies" on www.personalconsult.com.

    Herbicides and pesticides used in Naples show a good 1970's view of their effects on energy and cognition. Red Tide research is poor in SW Florida.

    Office Exposures -- common ones are computers, new rugs, electronics, new paint and cleaning products which may "off gas" formaldehyde, toluene, phenols, benzene, etc.

    How many of you have any filter unit in most common areas? One with HEPA filter with Charcoal and off gas filter.
  3. Biological Major Depression -- most people know nothing about it. It has 25 evidences of its existence including nuclear SPECT scans and brain fluid showing neurotransmitter deficiencies. The "25 evidences" is on my website.

    Fatigue is most common symptom of biological depression. 1/5 women and 1/10 men get biological depression.
  4. Medication Induced Energy Decreases. For example, Lipator lowers CoQ10 that directly makes ATP -- the energy molecule of the body. Other common medications like metformin (Glucophage) lower testosterone or B vitamins, increasing fatigue. Birth Control Pills lower testosterone. There are 4 books on these interactions.
  5. Menstrual Iron Loss -- some woman have low natural progesterone which decreases bleeding, especially if over 34 years old. If a woman bleeds 5 or more days or every 25 days or less -- they are losing considerable iron. Natural progesterone can also help fibroids. It eventually decreases bleeding. My goal is a 2-day period every 26-32 days.
  6. Sleep & Neck and Belly Size -- If you a have full neck (men with 18 inch neck) or a belly that by tape measure is 34.5 inches if a woman or 40 inches if a man, you may have sleep apnea. Even some thin people have at times. Assume you have it unless rested and energetic.
  7. Restless Leg -- Simply, your leg twitches while you sleep, ruining your sleep quality. Typically, you are not aware of it. Many sleep experts only seem to be aware of 506 causes. I was able to find 24 causes of restless leg (Published on web site).

    One cause of restless leg syndrome is low magnesium. Most American's have terribly low magnesium levels inside their cells. Standard blood levels are worthless for most people. Magnesium is involved in 300 critical functions and most brains have very low amounts of it. We invented sublingual magnesium for restless leg problems and also for high blood pressure. Sublingual goes directly into the blood stream and is vastly superior to oral in our experience.

    Alcohol removes magnesium from inside brain cells -- one reason some twitch after a party and do not feel their best the next few days.
  8. Sleep Casualness -- If you usually sleep only 7 hours a day, that might be a flag. Such chronic abilities are very rare, and can be caused by anxious depression or other things that are not good. Most adults need 8 hours plus. Children need much more depending on the age. Melatonin and progesterone both help sleep quality and satisfaction and both decrease with age. The best melatonin is German or Swiss with good quality control.
  9. Standards of performance -- When I was 22 I planned on "beating" a famous scholar by writing my first book earlier than he did -- age 24. My standards hurt me and were demoralizing since they were too high. Also, high standards can exhaust you and those around you -- making you too critical.

    Many folks have a standard of accomplishment for each day that would crush a Babylonian slave. For example, if you have two young kids that is a full time job -- period. Some people have a "to do" list that can be brutal. In the real world everything takes 2-4x longer than planned.
  10. Spirituality -- Most people and most academic research reports spirituality increases energy and resilience, meaning, passion and energy.
  11. Isolation -- many move a lot, may be shy, withdrawn with depression, or do not have time to work at developing relationships. Good caring relationships increase coping and increase energy, unless you have to play the nurse in these relationships.
  12. Nutritional Deficits -- Almost all American's are deficient is some nutrient. My blood and urine levels of various nutrients show even aggressive health conscious folks from many health traditions come up fair.

    • When I fix this they tell me they feel better -- not merely for a couple weeks, but for a year or more. Nutrients should not make you feel better. They should make you not die and not get illnesses. If you feel more energy you may have had a clear nutrient deficiency.
    • After decades of research showing the clear benefit from nutrients, the AMA finally embraced reality and published a study showing every adult is helped with chronic illness by taking nutrients. Of course, they were unable to appreciate that a garbage stone one a day vitamin made for pennies was no better than sophisticated advanced nutrients. Basically, they seem to feel a skateboard is like an F-16.
    • As we age the gut lining is less able to absorb nutrients.
    • In my research we have one of the largest chromium blood level collections in the USA. Chromium is an essential nutrient required for the proper functioning of insulin. Only 1/8 people have levels that can even be found and measured!
    • Good luck getting this chromium from the best organic natural foods in the world.
    • Also, if you do not have the right gut bacteria stuck into the wall of your 30 feet of intestines your absorption of nutrients is comical.
    • In children, we find the formation of fat streaks in the aorta of every child who died and had autopsy aged 4-16 years old (New England Journal of Medicine).
  13. Inflammation -- increases depression or fatigue. This is largely ignored in medicine! More below.
  14. Metals -- in my research when I give NDF, a biological metal binder that is oral, I find that almost everyone spikes up the bad metals in their urine. We all have some unhealthy metals. This weakens the immune system, decreases energy; some metals increase diabetes and hinder sharp thinking.

Do You Have Extra Tension?

While a little anxiety helps productivity, many people suffer with anxiety. Some have social fear that effects 15% in a lifetime. Others have a fairly constant thread of restlessness. Others get anxiety rushes that feel like heart attacks called "panic attacks," and some suffer with residues from abuse or War experience.

Some have chronic fears of not having sufficient money or that loved ones will be unreliable. Perhaps because of past money struggles or parents, spouses or friends who were not supportive.

Is Life Feeling Too Routine, Boring or Flat?

  1. Depression has a symptom called anhedonia in which fun or pleasure is decreased.
  2. If you work too much regularly you will not easily bounce back into pleasure. German vs. American (lifestyle vs. productivity). One reason binge workers are prone to addictions -- they seek binge pleasure to recover their contentment.
  3. Is your work or daily activity meaningless TO YOU? Are you doing something you care about?
  4. Spirituality -- practicing presence of God. Fears and weighty things still exist but shrink.
  5. Compassion Fatigue -- people who spend large amounts of time caring for others, such as parents, nurses, spouses of ill spouses, adult children of older ill parents, or therapists with long hours, can find they are excessively depleted and life feels flat.
  6. Giving -- stagnation can result if giving nothing back in skills, wisdom, service or income. Research shows giving helps mood. Of course if depressed, it may be hard to "give time" since so tired.
  7. Hopeless About Psychiatric Treatment -- in most of the USA, standard PDR "recommended" starting doses can be too high, causing onset side effects like anxiety.

    Some medications will never treat pure anxiety -- like Wellbutrin or Zyban or SAMe.

    Antidepressant drugs like Zoloft, Effexor or Wellbutrin can have drifting blood levels that fall, and so the medication never works, never works 100% or stops working. Select antidepressant blood levels are not done. At times they should be tested unless you are doing marvelous.

Do You Have a Loved One with Anxiety or Depression Who is not Fully Treated?

Studies show most people treated by family doctors, Internists and GYNs are treated "only" to a 70% remission. If this were a cancer, 70% would never be accepted. Yet this leaves 30% to make you still feel flat, irritable and unmotivated. But since you feel so much better than before, you feel it was a success!

Do You want a Balanced & Careful Approach to Nutrition, Hormones and Medications for Mood Challenges?

I have been surprised at how few doctors are trained or training in these three important areas. Of course, we are told doctors should burn themselves out learning everything. No one knows it all.

Psychiatrists -- can offer you time but know little outside their field. One was lecturing on hormone replacement and was making so many errors I was quite surprised. Merely drug company positions. They do know psychiatric medicines for mood, and little on nutrition.

Primary Care Doctors -- I could never think as fast as they do and know so many areas of medicine. However, 1/4 has time to mention side effects. Interactions rarely mentioned. Struggling with poor insurance payments, massive malpractice and many wish doing some other career. How much can you learn in 10-minute visit? Hard to be up to date in advanced prevention. About 500 hours a year (at least) and 1,000 articles a year. My experience is that they do fair/acceptable at psychiatric medications, but are weak in natural hormones and nutrition.

OB or GYNs -- my father was a clinical leader in his state and was doing special safer natural progesterone 40 years ago, long before the studies on breast cancer, stoke and heart attacks came out recently on bad synthetic progestin -- old news in his publishing and in mine. Drug companies and drug-company sponsored studies are "training" OB/GYN's that hormone related mood problems are solved by synthetic progestins (like those in Provera or Prempro), synthetic testosterone (methyltestosterone) and synthetic estrogens or collections of 200 horse hormones (Premarin or Prempro). They are also told PMS is best treated with SSRI's like Prozac and Zoloft. Can help but better treatments exist. They know little about nutrition except prenatal vitamins.

I had an arrogant poorly informed surgeon tell me his GYN friend knew more about natural hormone replacement than I did. I said I was "glad," but thought to myself later why he allowed the surgeon's wife to have horrible mood problems for six months before he replaced the progesterone and baby dose estrogen after he took out her ovaries! Her coping and mood fell into the toilet. She was only put on an anti-depressant. We worked out a protocol some years ago so that a woman getting a hysterectomy has the option of getting her natural hormones replaced as soon as she leaves the operation.

Is Cheap & Rushed Medical Care Effective in the Long Run?

  1. If you need your ear membranes checked you can use your insurance and get good care. Good ENT's can check these out well in 60 seconds. I struggle to do poorly in four minutes.
  2. If you need a pelvic exam and a Pap smear or a prostate exam, you can have this done well in minutes and can use your insurance.
  3. If you need someone to check out for lungs and heart beat pattern, an internist or family doctor can do well in 60 seconds.

If you want time to discuss full details and many questions. Usually, with medical time, you get what you pay for. I do not mean to be harsh, but your doctor is not your mother or father -- due to massive overhead, they cannot show love and care chronically with long appointments unless you pay for it. And if they take insurance, they usually lose income the longer they spend with you.

  • Nationally, I find the best people who combine mood care, hormones, nutrition, environmental toxicology medicine with advanced preventive medicine are fee for service. Like in the "old days."

For example, things that effect energy and mood are often not tested for in rushed yearly check ups that typically miss things related to mood and energy:

Hormone Decline Labs and Treatments-Samples

  1. Progesterone peaks at about 34 years of age and then the serenity and peace it provides decreases. Check progesterone levels in the second half of a cycle. It will be pitiful in all post-menopausal women.
  2. Thyroid drift - most women over 40 have very low thyroid but are not fully hypothyroid. So you gain a dash of fatigue, less spice, less energy and perhaps weight. Labs usually not checked are the FREE T3 -- the potent and usable thyroid, and check antibodies against your thyroid, which are positive in 1/7 women and 1/15 men.
  3. Testosterone drift -- women lose 1/2 testosterone from 20-45. Men can lose it as early as 40 if brain signals start to slow to testes. By late 50's usually profoundly low. Causing tired and grumpy guys. Replace with natural testosterone and maybe a dash of DHT. 5 different delivery forms.

Inflammation Sources & Tests

Any inflammation will increase fatigue and decrease mood. This is only recently getting good attention in last few years. Inflammation chemicals come from belly fat, micro abscesses often not noticed by low-tech dentists, mild joint degeneration, smoking, cortisone fatigue, pollutants and blood imbalances of the inflammation/anti-inflammation system.

Sample Labs would include: Lipo (a), Cardiac C-reactive Protein, 24-hour cortisol urine test, fibrinogen, H. Pylori antibodies and Homocystiene.

Treating Inflammation:

  • SAMe (special delivery form)
  • Omega 3 (more is better)
  • Glucosamine and Chondriotin
  • Good mixed multi nutrient (no One a Days or Centrums) to catch damaging sparks or free radicals
  • My special prescription joint creams
  • Standardized nettle leaf may lower cartilage-destroying chemicals
  • Growth Hormone injections into joint to stimulate cartilage -- few studies out yet.

People under 20 with New Mood Problems

Sample common causes:

  • Poor school fit -- the ability does not match instruction
  • Teased and shamed -- at school, by neighborhood peers or in the family clan.
  • Pot use -- over 1x per week
  • Very sensitive -- but undeveloped skills to handle all they sense.
  • No athletic activity -- this increases belly fat, which increases inflammation, which increases depression. Some exercise decreases mild depression.
  • Limited worldview -- all of life is the "kids on the bus." Need a bigger world.
  • Biological Depression
  • Too many changes -- home moves, school changes, loss of friends, divorce or ill parents or siblings.

Never self-treat based on this material. All care must be under the care of a licensed medical profession. Do not assume anything I say is FDA approved or the standard of care in any state.

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