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Actress with Migraines and ADD
Reports Both Due to Lyme

These two symptoms are a common Lyme combination. Lyme infection from some insect, usually a poppy seed-sized deer tic, touches someone and in only a brief time they have contracted Lyme. And perhaps some other infections that the so-called "experts" never check.

Then the person gets any one of a number of symptoms. But I want to focus on two that are serious and being missed by the leading experts in Migraines and Child and Adult Psychiatry in the USA.

Lyme goes to the brain in days to weeks and can eventually cause seizures, strokes, MS-like lesions and virtually every brain disorder you can imagine. Yet, even if the neurologist, psychiatrist or family physician thinks of it, they never use the right labs, but only the junk ones familiar and easy for them.

Lyme causes a tremendous migraine and it can make your vulnerability to them explode. I have watched folks see the migraine experts in the USA only to never find relief. They finally lose their job, get divorced, commit suicide or become non-functional. Some of these have been tested after 20 different physician consults and a decade of pain, and found to have Lyme. Others meet the clinical criteria very strongly, and die before someone tests them. Or they simply refuse the test in the common eccentric rigidity seen so often. "My doctors have included the super duper big expert, Dr. Jones, Dr. Smith and Dr. Michaels. My doctors have educated the best, including God. They are from the greatest neurology department in history. Blah, blah, blah."

Having heard it so often, I just let them roll on. It is sad really. They cannot believe that these folks might have not known everything. They have spent a fortune and suffered a long time. While I like them, after an hour, I do think, "Are you better, Flipper?"

The inflammation from Lyme and its biotoxins are massive, and not typically handled by common migraine medications in the long-term. Usually folks find after some years, that if they get severe migraines, only opioids work. Of course, since the DEA, state medical boards and the "Justice" department has terrified most MD's into avoiding writing scripts for these, you are lucky to find any physician willing to write for opioids. But these agencies will be more lenient if you get cancer, and then your pain will be "real" enough for chronic pain medication. Most people know nothing about chronic pain, and would rather their neighbor who is a good citizen, try some experimental surgery or commit suicide, than use a chronic opioid pain medication.

Also, while all abortive migraine medications have rebound, I am not convinced that Lyme brain inflammation pain causes rebound with use 4-5 days a week. It might, but I am not as sure as with other medications.

Also, I have seen 15 year olds, 25 year olds, and 40 year olds, suddenly diagnosed with ADD. While it is possible it was missed for many years, this should usually have child symptoms. It should raise a flag for Lyme, since Lyme can cause all psychiatric disorders -- yes, everyo single one.

People Magazine, in its October 4, 2004 edition, mentions an actress with both diagnoses coming from Lyme.

The Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn DiScala, 23, revealed that she suffers from severe migraines as well as attention deficit disorder. The actress says she is being treated with medication and attributes her conditions to a tick bite that gave her Lyme disease six years ago. [Italics mine].

I appreciate People Magazine's help in making more individuals aware and this actress's openness, which may save lives.

For more information on biotoxins, please look for my new book with biotoxin expert, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker.

For more Lyme information, please look over the many articles on this site. Some are basic and others advanced -- a flavor for every one.

To Your Health!

Dr. J

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