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The Battle to Allow American's Freedom to Purchase Affordable Canadian Scripts Reaches New Bizarre Low

"A government that's big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away."
Barry Goldwater

In today's world of medicine, you are not allowed to choose the duration of your treatment for a missed Lyme infection. Despite the fact Lyme has more plasmids, or tools to evade being killed than any other bacteria on the planet, it is now the position of the national infection society, IDSA, that all Lyme is dead in 30 days. This is not true, of course, but makes insurance companies happy since they can simply report physicians who deviate from this "guideline" which has a disclaimer. Why any disclaimer if solid medical science?

This is not a new situation. In the past, a precious physician was one of the original persecuted Lyme docs. He committed suicide after an article ran in the paper about him being investigated for treating Lyme. I guess the reporter felt they knew all about chronic Lyme. But they sure did not understand what this fine physician, Dr. Bleiweiss, did for me. cassia.org/tragedy.htm


Dr. Bleiweiss was a good doctor. He was also my doctor. ...And friend to many who suffered from lyme. He, too, was a lyme sufferer, and as a result, knew this illness intimately.

He was one of the early pioneers of correct lyme treatment (which is to say that there is a long-term component to this infection, and that it needs to be treated as such–usually with long term antibiotic treatment). Because of this he ran into intense opposition from the insurance community, and then as a result, from some within the medical community.

Well, it's now come to pass that it's understood that he was correct (at least by vast number's of unfiltered studies and the newest and best chronic Lyme study from Columbia). And there are more doctors who will treat lyme as a long-term illness. But early on, he was viewed as one whose opinions and practices needed to be squelched quickly.

As I believe it happened, the insurance community sought supporters in the medical community. The Board of New Jersey's Medical Examiners brought him under investigation (for over prescribing). They used as support—against her will—one of his former patients. And ultimately, he faced the loss of his medical license.

During this period, I believe the stresses of these events contributed to his divorce from his wife. And, shortly after this, one morning, the local newspaper in his city — irresponsible as only some cheap newspapers can be — did a front-page "smear" article of him. Later that same morning, he chose to take his life.

It is for this very reason that one will commonly find that the lyme community is highly reluctant to give the names of good doctors over the Internet. Dr. Bleiweiss was not the only target. Other doctors have also found themselves suddenly defending their medical licenses, and some have lost careers just for helping those who are not better with a little dash of doxycycline or Zithromax.

The medical community is polarized over this issue: some who have limited experience with severe chronic Lyme preach to the entire world that all lyme is 100% gone in 4-6 weeks. Anything that remains (in this simplistic opinion) is non-medical and needs to be treated psychiatrically. The vast and massive plasmid lyme defense system is bizarrely ignored. Further, now a body of doctors exist who quote these out spoken academic Lyme denialists as their sages, leading to the further physical and social damage that results from the non-recognition or under-treatment of lyme and its co-infections.

On another hand, there is a group of doctors who recognize that lyme does indeed exist in the chronic state, and therefore needs to be treated as such — long term. It's my hope that these are now in large enough number to see an end of some of the types of persecutions described above. Therefore, to make sure we always have access to chronic Lyme treatment, please sign this medical freedom petition that only takes a moment. It appears IDSA and some State Boards are teaming up to kill your freedom of medical choice. They think we are too ignorant to choose our own medical care. They have killed enough patients, and helped kill Dr. Bleiweiss. Stop them.


Help make the loss of a good doctor an exception and not the beginning of a trend where physicians fear being doctors and treating Lyme and its co-infections fully.

Sarah Olson
Aptos, CA

Printed with written permission and my thanks.
The content is exclusively that of the author.

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