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Lyme Disease in Florida

Life was a joy for Pat Pepper, a highly successful business woman and former mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida, until she contracted what she was told was ALS. She later discovered her illness was caused by Lyme disease.1

Pat Pepper says she was never initially treated for any Lyme infection. Suffering from a sore throat and intense headaches, the blonde former mayor of West Palm Beach who now divides her time between Miami and New York was growing progressively weaker. Pepper consulted more than 30 leading neurologists and internists. [My Italics] All the doctors told her she had incurable, fatal amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) and had only two to five years to live; after all, she'd had seven negative Lyme tests.

Pepper eventually took more expensive, more exacting tests that looked for the presence of spirochete DNA or the outer membranes shed by spirochetes. These tests immediately revealed rampant borrelia infection. Pat Pepper was finally wheeled into Dr. Burrascano's office, nearly quadriplegic.

Burrascano warns patients that their symptoms may get much worse during his treatment before they get better because spirochetes put up a nasty fight. Spirochetes in the dormant phase of their reproductive cycle (ranging from ten months to fourteen years) survive the antibiotics, which is why it takes many courses to obliterate them all, says Burrascano. Though his treatment usually takes from one to six months, it was a year before the spirochetes completely disappeared from Pepper's blood tests.

"Since July of '98, when I first saw Dr. Burrascano, my health, for the first time in seven years, has been improving," says Pepper, who recently graduated from her wheelchair to a walker.2

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My thanks to these sources and their hard work in discussing and researching this illness.

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