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In a stunning series of debates, two Congressmen express profound attacks on the motives, beliefs and actions of NJ's Representative Pallone.

According to one writer, NJ's Pallone has at one time been supposedly had the distinction in a recent year of being #1 of all Representatives (among over 400) for health care type contributions to him, from health companies, insurance, and so forth (www.opensecrets.com).

The two Congressmen attacked Pallone and wanted a modern useful Lyme disease bill, which was more open-minded and progressive, and were angered at the notion of one size fits all treatments. They feel the current approach of the Infection Society of America's small group of Lyme guideline writers were corrupt or at least acting with a lack of scientific integrity (per the Connecticut attorney General). The rejected Pallone's Lyme wisdom that was partially based on chats with his physician neighbors.

To read up on Lyme disease, one really needs about three years to read full-time. Few in the world have done such reading, if any, and if any have they would not have had time to read a thousand plus articles on other co-infections commonly with Lyme, such as Babesia and BartonellaŅI have done such reading on the latter. In addition, if they had read such vast amounts on information, they would have little experience.

Here is one of the most dramatic and explosive debates on Lyme even conducted in Congress:


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