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Connecticut Paper Shows
Lyme Disease Political Incompetence

After writing poorly researched lazy newspaper pulp, apparently meant to undermine the world's leading pediatric Lyme expert, the Courant chose to not print a letter that showed a profound understanding of important critical facts. Here is real information from a real writer and mental health expert who sees a parent doing true parenting and one using the system.


To the Editor:

Many thanks to the Hartford Courant for its ongoing coverage of the Connecticut State Medical Board proceedings against pediatric Lyme expert Dr. Charles Ray Jones ("Feud Over Children Rages at Hearing," April 20, 2007). As a clinical psychologist familiar with the dynamics of acrimonious divorces, I object, however, to the implication that the credibility of both parents in this case is equally suspect, Jerry Springer notwithstanding. It was the mother who submitted to and paid for a court-ordered psychological evaluation in Nevada, while her estranged husband refused. It was the mother who was awarded and who retains sole physical custody of her children. It was the mother's account of her son's special education needs which was corroborated by afternoon testimony from a Nevada school official, thereby contradicting Mr. Spark's allegation that she had exaggerated his academic problems. Mr. Sparks also alleged that a children's protective agency in Nevada had suggested to him that his ex-wife might be exhibiting symptoms of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, a controversial diagnosis in which a parent, usually the mother, is believed to induce medical problems in a child for purposes of seeking attention; why, then, did he fail to pursue this possibility, instead moving to a new home more than three hundred miles away? It is fortunate for these children that Dr. Jones took the time to listen to the right parent. As a result, they obtained critical medical care which improved their health and also prevented an unnecessary expulsion from school. It is a travesty of justice that his license should be hanging in jeopardy as a result.

Sheila M. Statlender, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
53 Langley Road - Suite 330C
Newton Centre, MA 02459

Courant article: Read the full Courant Article Here

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