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Lyme is Very Common with Psychiatric Patients:
The Most Common Symptoms are Emotional,
Cognitive & Personality Changes

Physicians who are not trained in child and adult psychiatry are commonly worthless in terms of treating psychiatric problems. Family doctors, internists, pediatricians, neurologists, GYN/OB doctors and all the rest sometimes size up brain chemistry in 3 minutes. Then they merely offer a drug company rep recommended dosing plan. Sloppy. Sloppy.

I think I will let my dog work on my carburetor; he would surely do a better job than these brain hackers! The little USA game is the real or imagined shortage of doctors with a clue about brain biochemistry, so they push for these primary specialties to play brain doctor. Cheap and simpleÑone stop shopping for all your body needs. Soon they will be selling soap and shampoo. Yuck.

Example One--Politician

Merely one of millions of disasters is the famous politician who was mailed some samples of Prozac by his family doctor and the politician ended up committing suicide. Folks this unstable and sad need more than a little sample mailing. Following these hackers, I think I will try doing spleen surgery tomorrow with my barbeque tools.

Lyme Frequency Issues

Primary Care and Infectious Disease Docs are Clueless About the Numbers with 50 Different Psychiatric Symptoms

One study using a meager ELISA junk Lyme screen test found the stunning result that 1/3rd of pateints in a psychiatric hospital were positive for Lyme. One in three people were infected with an infection that is in the brain in 10 days. Meaning 1/3 had something that causes severe depression, obsessions, mania, agitation and psychosis. It also causes weird personality changes, massive mood extremes, domestic abuse, rage, learning impairments and takes any weakness you have in your personality and makes it 5-10X worse.

Ask your local family doc, pediatrician, Internist, Neurologist or OB/GYN if they are aware of this study or the subtle psychiatric or psychological signs of Lyme. Be seated so when the reply comes you do not die from laughter.

The anti-physician pro-Lyme death NY State Medical Board recently contactd me. This State's Medical Board recently proved they are controlled by lawyers not sick patients and common sense. A bill was vetoedto fix the KGB State Medical Board by Governor Pataki, despite unanimous opposition by the entire legislature. Anyway, this anti-physician State recently sent me a reporting sheet for Lyme. Guess what was missing? Yep, nothing on the form asked for Lyme psychiatric symptoms -- only massive neurological symptoms. Sloppy 1980's fluff in this state with a great deal of Lyme infections -- apparently including the lawyers talking into Pataki's deaf ear.

Even 19/20 psychiatrists have no clue about how to catch the subtle signs and so these folks offer no hope to me. I routinely am referred "failures" of 5-30 physicians and many are psychiatrists. They use trash Lyme labs and just do not know better.

In seven cases, I told the senior doctors I was sure Lyme was a serious possibility. Sample pateints were treated at: a VA hospital, an Idaho residential Center, two other In-Patient Pennsylvania facilities and a South Carolina outpatient unit. They all blew me off and if they considered it, deferred to the infectious disease doc or internist. Surprisingly, infectious disease docs take an anti-science view that denies the existence of strong resistant Lyme cystic forms presented on this site in pictures. They believe and feel Lyme is killed as easy as Syphilis. Their journals and societies and Ivy League big players kill people all over the USA with this anti-intellectual opinion. Physicians fight them who have seen their useless simplistic care. And some have followed their teachings too long and ended up dead patients or burying a loved one. I have almost seen my family members die from this "wisdom."

Just recall, the brain is the most sensitive organ in the body. No air or glucose for 5 minutes and you are lost. Muscles can last quite a long time. So excuse me if I ask these other specialists to get out of the way, and let folks who know Lyme and its many co-infections, which they never test for, to handle it and diagnose it. Let the folks who know Lyme is not a little, trivial joke and who can recognize the psychiatric symptoms and heal lives.

Higher Prevalence of Antibodies to Borrelia Burgdorferi [LYME] in Psychiatric Patients Than in Healthy Subjects

Toma Hajek, M.D., Beata Pakova, M.D., Daniela Janovska, M.D., Radvan Bahbouh, M.D., Peter Hajek, Ph.D., Jan Libiger, M.D., and Cyril Hoschl, M.D., M.R.C.Psych.

Am J Psychiatry 159:297-301, February 2002

Put Away the Hackers and Use Real Experts!

And if you wonder how much it costs, perhaps you should drive a camel. I hear they are very cost effective. For some folks with messed up values, perhaps trade in the new car and the fancy watch and get your brain fixed? And if you are not willing to pay for the best for your children, consider adoption. Lyme kills. Think I am being dramatic? There are plenty of parents that will testify to my truth.

To health, good values and facing the limits of primary docs,

Dr. J

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