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In the past I was a consultant for patients prior to getting Bariatric surgery. I suppose my job was just to make sure they were reasonable aware of the risks and benefits, and to give the illusion of wide ranging support with many doctors. As my knowledge grew, I reflected back to my consults years earlier. I now realize I missed important medicine. And my smart friends who are members of the American Bariatric Society and those who perform Bariatric Surgery are also ignoring many things that cause serious weight gain. I feel these people offer an important service and are trying to serve and care, but yet some things are being missed.

Lyme and Weight Gain

I am currently writing a book on pediatric Lyme with the leading expert in various tick infections in children. His name is Charles Ray Jones and it is my deep honor to know him, and to write this powerful book with him. He has treated up to five tick-born infections in almost 9,000 children. I would guess this is more children with Lyme than the CDC and the NIH combined. So if one were a sane and humble person, one would simply be quiet and learn from someone with almost 9,000 child Lyme patients.

But the new clowns of medicine are Ivy League centers that are often useless to the point of being freakish with Lyme. And their teammates are ignorant state boards, the masters of paperwork and corrupt retired "experts." Commonly, these supposed keepers of "safe medicine" merely enforce simplistic medicine, non-clinical medicine and devalue cutting-edge medicine. In regards to Lyme disease, they usually can find some infectious disease physician, who may know a great deal about African sleeping sickness, but has less experience than a goat in terms of Lyme disease patients. And if you can find one that tests and knows to look for Lyme co-infections, or the other infections ticks carry and transmit, you deserve a prize. So their useless treatments with leave the tick infections well inside your body that will usually only harm you slowly. I have had some Ivy League pseudo-experts talk relatives and friends out of my diagnosis, and then still left them ill or in pain! I treated them, and they are doing great. And many also lost weight!

Lyme is a special bacterial infection that exists in the body in many forms. In days this infection is throughout the body, but people do not always feel ill. These different Lyme forms alter hormones and cause inflammation. The outer surface of Lyme bacteria also has biotoxins that alter many hormones including leptin, MSH and insulin, in my experience. These alterations in many patients increase weight.

We have seen many relatives, friends and pateints lose weight after full treatment with antibiotics. And the idea that chronic Lyme is killed in weeks is funny. In a new double blind NIH Columbia research study, Fallon has proven that "fully treated" chronic Lyme pateints did better with further treatment. Cameron has done a separate study and found the same thing.

And before you rush off to get testing from a junk lab, be aware that blind testing of dozens of labs using poor kits with reduced Lyme proteins, found they were junk. If you want to be told you have no Lyme, simply go to the common labs used throughout America. If you want the best lab in the USA for Lyme testing, go to IgeneX. This is a CLIA licensed lab with Medicare approval, NY State approval and California approval. In blind samples it has scored exceptionally. In pateints with clear exposure or symptoms I get positives. In pateints with no exposures I get negatives. In the large national routine labs, a person can have Lyme coming out their nose and I will get a negative – over and over again. It is a sick crime.

So before you go under the knife or try your fifth year of dieting and exercise, perhaps ask yourself some questions. In the last forty years have you been camping, in the woods, walked in parks, have a home near deer and brush, engaged in gardening or do you have seven of the symptoms listed on page 9-10 in this free article: Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease

If you answer "yes," perhaps you should get some testing done at IgeneX before you waste more time and money.

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